View Full Version : Decent flights to Sharm now BA / GB have stopped?

11th Jul 2008, 10:54
As a keen diver with young kids, I find that Sharm is a top notch destination these days. Have enjoyed BA's (on GB airlines) services there previously, but now they have stopped going there.
I can get flights with the usual suspects (Thomson, Thomas cook, excel etc), but would prefer the BA style service, legroom, baggage allowance, hand baggage sizes, online checkin etc etc.
Does anyone apart from the usual charter suspects serve sharm these days? i can't believe there is no 'premium' service there anymore, but I certainly can't find anything on the web.
BTW please don't turn this into a rant, I've got nothing against the airlines mentioned above - they are all good at what they do - its just that 'what they do' isn't for me.

Yeadon Dam
11th Jul 2008, 11:07
You could try Jet 2 from either MAN or LBA. They offer add-ons etc.

11th Jul 2008, 11:21
Egyptair to Cairo with a connection or any other major Euro carrier but with a connection is your only chance of real premium service.

11th Jul 2008, 12:45
Above is probably correct, only ever seen UK Charter Ops in SSH, HRG, LXR and TCP...that generally means B757's with 6" seat pitch!!!!!

I think BA still go the CAI from LHR in a B767, via Cyprus???

11th Jul 2008, 13:10
I think BA still go the CAI from LHR in a B767, via Cyprus???

No. Daily non-stop year-round using the 744.

11th Jul 2008, 16:47
I doubt it BA, can fill a 777 we may reduce the number of flights, if u go via Cyprus you would be left with few punters.

14th Jul 2008, 18:25
Why not use easyJet..... it`s the same aircraft and crew that GB airways used... just orange now

it may be the same aircraft, but is sure as hell ain't the same service, same legroom etc. No food, no pre-bookable seeting, no sitting together for a 6 hour flight.
it's also more expensive than BA (GB) were, and alot more expensive than the current crop of charter options are.
Also they want 6 per kilo for our dive equipment - that's 180 each way for us!
EZY may be good at many things, but I can't see them winning many friends on this route!

14th Jul 2008, 19:40
I can sort out a lovely GIV for you, with plenty of room for the family, suitcases, diving kit, etc... Or if you're taking friends, a BBJ, which will whisk you there in (very slightly) less time than a GB Airbus.

Oh, hang on, you're a '757 driver'... Not quite in that league...

In which case, I hope you find solace in these few words: 'The Market giveth, and The Market taketh away', as Psalm 43 of the Book of Common Capitalist Prayer has it...

15th Jul 2008, 06:32
what did I say in my first post about not turning this into a rant?

I was only asking. :rolleyes:

Just because some of us don;t want to fly EZY doens't mean we're all pretentious gits.

Not much point coming to these boards for information any more.

Over and Out.