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FACT Pilot
10th Jul 2008, 19:06
Hi there everybody.

Myself, aswell as many people I know are in a bit of confusion about the new Part 61 that has recently been put in place. I would like to know if anyone can confirm or give answers to the following points.

I have a PPL and am just about to write my CPL exams at the end of July. My understanding of the new part 61, is as follows.

- A person with a PPL can enter for and write ATPL exams, skipping paying and writing CPL exams.
- If you have credits for CPL exams, by the end of the year you have to enter for and pass 1 ATPL exam otherwise you have to start again on the new system, which comes into force as of 1 January 2009.
- The new system is +-15 exams, which are ATPL exams, but with 200hrs you will get a CPL with frozen ATPL subjects. No more CPL subjects.
- For your intial entrance into the exams , you can now enter for as many exams as you wish and pass as many as you wish (unlike entering for 4 and having to pass 3).

As I said, myself and I'm sure many others, are terribly confused over the whole situation and ofcourse CAA don't know what is going on either. I'm sure there are a handful of people at CAA that know something but unfortunately every person I have spoken to at CAA tell me something different each time.

I would therefore like to know if anyone has any relevant information on the subject?


Enjoy the flying...

10th Jul 2008, 23:24
I think the only correct punctuation was the question marks!

11th Jul 2008, 05:30
Hi all,

I too would be interested if anyone has any up to date info regarding the new proposed CAA ATPL exam plan!!

Anyone know where on the CAA website I can find a copy of Part 61, have looked but cant seem to find anything!?



11th Jul 2008, 07:25
CAA Website (http://www.caa.co.za)

Click 'Acts and Regulations' (3rd from top at left side of screen), then click on 'click here'. You should be presented with (amongst other things) three downloadable .pdf's containing the new law, if I'm not mistaken.

11th Jul 2008, 08:25

There is a section on the website that you can actually ask the CAA questions at least this way they give you an answer in writing that way if there are any problems you at least have it in writing!

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