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9th Jul 2008, 16:26
Somebody told me it's cheaper to drive to the Stansted Long Term car park and pay for one day on entry, rather than parking in the Mid-Term car park for a day? Can anybody confirm this? Mid-Term parking is 12.30 for one day ATM.

9th Jul 2008, 16:40
Obvious answer - long stay is cheaper.
Obvious solution - look at the BAA Stansted website!:ugh:

9th Jul 2008, 16:52
One gets diverted to the Mid-Stay car park by looking at the BAA website when making a booking:=

9th Jul 2008, 17:04
Don't make a booking, look at the tariff, as I did a few minutes ago.

9th Jul 2008, 17:39
I've seen a reference on another website where one day long term is 7.80 a day, but cannot find BAA car parking tariffs anywhere. Maybe you can send me the url:confused:

I've also seen a reference for free parking:)

9th Jul 2008, 18:17
Greenbroker - check your PMs

Mods - thread closed!

10th Jul 2008, 19:08
This was 14.20 when I last went there, 2 weeks ago

11th Jul 2008, 13:02
It can be 14.20 or 12.30 depending on the day??

It's cheaper to go to the Long-Term park and pay on the day from what I can make out.