View Full Version : Lounge access at Narita advice needed

6th Jul 2008, 13:53
Hey guys, just after some advice on lounges and transit times in Narita. I'm flying BHX-MUC-NRT on Lufthansa, then Air New Zealand to Auckland all business class. Which is the best lounge at Munich to use? I have 8 hours in transit at Narita, how easy is it to change terminals there? (as air nz flies out of terminal 2) and which is the best lounge to use? Does the lounge in Narita have anywhere for you to sleep?

Thanks for any tips.

Mark in CA
6th Jul 2008, 17:07
Getting around Narita is pretty easy. Airport buses run often between terminals (I think there are only two). The wife and I killed some time there several years ago waiting for a connection to Fukuoka, and we spent part of the time visiting the other terminal. BTW, the eating situation at Japanese airports is GREAT. Many restaurants, great food, comfortable, friendly service, no rip-off prices.

Everything you need to know here:


Check out the Airport Guide/Facilities and Services/Relax While Waiting/Dayrooms and Showers section. Has all the info you need. You can even reserve your dayroom online.