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5th Jul 2008, 15:56
Does anyone know what progress is being made in relation to this? I've registered on www.airpassengerrefund.co.uk (http://www.airpassengerrefund.co.uk) but this 'site doesn't contain much detailed information on the process/timescale. Any information would be gratefully received....

5th Jul 2008, 17:06
Article in Times this morning - full page adverts to appear in Sunday newspapers tomorrow on how to claim

7th Jul 2008, 16:01
Link from BA website - online claims available 14 July


Upgrade Please
8th Jul 2008, 18:35
Nothing is going to happen until the American (Florida?) court rules on the class action, and it's fairness in terms of compensation. This is scheduled for about Sept 26 this year. If you have registered on the refund site, it should be automatic from there, but be prepared to do some chasing I guess.:hmm:


13th Jul 2008, 18:23
At least the website now gives you enough idea about the sort of information that you need to be collating.

The killer for many claims is going to be that the critical date will be date of purchase of ticket, not date of flight.

This will inevitably lead to quite a lot of disappointed people, who will equally inevitable rant without failing to understand the difference - and why the date of purchase was the logical date to use.

But one thing that you can do in advance is some research to identify all tickets purchased during the relevant period. My own experience was that it was harder to identify - although I think I've now got them all. And if you don't keep documents for this long, many of your claims may have to be based on guesswork.

15th Jul 2008, 08:58
As one of the SLF affected by the surcharges - I purchased about 6 Round Trips, LHR SFO with both BA and Virgin through a well known travel agency - Like many prople I do not collect old boarding passes etc - I wonder if the travel agency will have purchase details of my transactions over the period - They will have histories for VAT etc - Could I apply for transaction details under the data protection act - Any court ruling would give me "Good cause" to apply for the data.

15th Jul 2008, 13:12
CATIII, generally if you've kept your credit card/bank statements going back the recommended number of years (as per HMRC guidelines), you should be able to find the purchases made through the travel agency, and that should be much easier for the travel agency to find your transactional details.

Once you have those dates, and you have received information back from the travel agency about your flight details, it shouldn't be a problem getting your details to the claims administrator and claiming back.

As pointed out by Globaliser, the PURCHASE date is the crucial one as you are charged air passenger duties and surcharges on THAT DATE.

Globaliser, the vital difference is that if the payment was made via credit card, the statements should continue to reflect that, and you can request old statements going back several years. If done online through BA.com or Virgin-Atlantic.com, the details will definitely be available. Through travel agents it's slightly more... how shall we say... challenging. If you are self-employed, or you run your own business, you will already be in the habit of storing your statements for the statutory periods. It'll be a case of going back into the boxes to find the details.


17th Jul 2008, 17:59
Thanks VAFFPAX for the advice I'm not S/E just an ordinary SLF - No business trips - just an ordinary Joe VFR - like millions of others - sorry for the delay in replying - but your advice is greatfully received.

This applies to lots of us.


17th Jul 2008, 18:30

Even if you can't find the exact dates, you can still claim. The online form gives you plenty of options to pick from.

You must complete ONE of the following options in order to receive a refund. Please choose the option which is most convenient.

Option 1: Provide passenger name, date of departure, origin and destination city or flight number for each flight for which you are making a claim
Option 2: Provide your British Airways or Virgin Atlantic Frequent Flyer Number
Option 3: Provide passport number (this Option available to British Airways Passengers only)
Option 4: Provide passenger name and ticket number

18th Jul 2008, 12:56
Has anyone had success in submitting an online claim? I keep getting an error message saying my submission was not saved. :ugh:

18th Jul 2008, 20:29
Thanks 419 - I hope it helps others too.

18th Jul 2008, 21:20

I've sucessfully put in two claims. (one BA and one Virgin). Both were accepted by the system and I received a reference number for each.

19th Jul 2008, 10:58
Thanks 419, I'll try again.

Just succeeded

8th Jun 2009, 17:18
got a cheque today for 13-75!!!

8th Jun 2009, 18:25
I got my refund today; 9.23!!

8th Jun 2009, 22:07
I got about 80! - this was for a single LGW-MCO rotation (family of 4).

9th Jun 2009, 13:00
Just shy of 250 arrived here yesterday, which was a very nice little windfall even if about 40 short of what I originally thought I'd get.

9th Jun 2009, 19:03
Is this form the real deal?

9th Jun 2009, 19:52
Yes that is the form I completed

All Ahead Full
30th Jun 2009, 14:57
Just received just over 20