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3rd Jul 2008, 11:46
There is a growing body of piecemeal evidence that an increasing number of well established companies are developing radically new staffing policies, based on the strategic use of contract labour companies, and justified on the basis of cost reduction in the face of growing competition. Using evidence from labour force survey data, interviews with senior human resource managers, and the preliminary results of a case study of a contract labour agency assesses the evidence of such growth in labour contracting and the extent to which it reflects human resource strategies increasingly linked to business strategy. It is concluded that, although the picture is far from uniform, trends and case evidence support the contention that the strategic use of segmented labour force strategies among major employers has significantly kept the Salary/benefits low to justify the commission made by the contacting agencies. It is now believed the few well known Airline companies in Far East have adapted their own independent HR. to recruit direct expiates pilots and become less dependent on the head hunters that have failed to fill the positions. It is highly recommended for the qualified pilots to communicate with the companies direct rather then the agencies.

3rd Jul 2008, 11:52
ouf , hard reading ....
thanks for infos , would you know which Airlines in particular ??

6th Jul 2008, 11:58
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