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2nd Jul 2008, 19:37
Hi, Could anyone give me a rought idea of the routing for Ryanair's EMA-ORK flight, as im interested to know where about the aircraft flys as im due to fly to cork next week on this service.

Thanks, Owen

2nd Jul 2008, 22:00

TISMO W10 LIFFY UL975 MALUD. That is....right turn off 35 up over the Clonmel area, over Killiney, out over Irish sea.

For EMA-ORK its WAL L10 PENIL UL70 BAGSO V14 DUB UP600 CRK (Usually after DUB aircraft are cleared dct TISMO for the arrival

hope this helps

2nd Jul 2008, 22:58
thanks, so the flight route is via dublin, i allways though they would go via south wales.

3rd Jul 2008, 13:46
BHX-ORK does, but its shorter by a bit via Dublin