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3rd Jul 2008, 00:44
Mate of mine asked me if I knew where he could buy an old/ex aircraft tug.

Kennett Aviation or somewhere like that??

BTW what happens to the old equipment like eg - Dan Air's old equipment when they went under - scrapped or reconditioned??

Used to be Dan Air servicing equipment at LBA, Think they are now with Servisair??

Are the tugs moved round the airports/operators??

Thanks for any replies.:ok:

Mark 1
3rd Jul 2008, 09:41
Have a look at Witham (http://www.witham-sv.com/infopage.php?ID=45&Overide=0). They do ministry disposals and may have something suitable.

8th Jul 2008, 13:31
Mark 1,

I really appreciate the link (which was new to me), but my wife is less than happy. The GKN is just the right size for a trip to the local shop as a milk truck (http://www.witham-sv.com/infopage.php?ID=1301&Overide=1) but I'm not sure she is so enthusiastic.

I feel hard done by. She made me sell my ex-Air Force Rapid Intervention Fire Vehicle (and if you know any Air Force, you can imagine that they have no objection to the principle of overcoming mass with lots of brute force, so the vehicle easily met the RIV criteria but had lots of power and weighed 9 tonnes). Unfortunately we had a bushfire in the local neighbourhood last year and while I was busy manoeuvring it around the house and doing my fireman thing, it seems that I may have inadvertently trashed all the flower beds, so it had to go.

So the GKN is just what I need. Otherwise perhaps something smaller from the Witham catalogue, such as a house car (http://www.witham-sv.com/infopage.php?ID=32&Overide=0)

8th Jul 2008, 15:08

There is a large leasing company called TCR Group that lease tugs etc. They must dispose of old stock somehow.

Most of the handling companies dispose of old equipment, but be warned, in today's climate it is pretty knackered when they do eventually dispose of it. At Servisair it used to be a gentleman by the name of John Saville - not heard that he has moved on.

pm if you want JS contacts - he will also know of other sources as he buys as well as sells.


12th Jul 2008, 20:24
ATC Lasham used to sell aviation ground equipment.

Sandy Hutton
12th Jul 2008, 20:58
Have a look at TCR website, they usually have some up for grabs.

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