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2nd Jul 2008, 13:10
Hi Excel people

I was wondering if you can help me. I'm travelling with you guys to HRG and was wondering if someone could tell me the luggage limit. As i used to be airline crew i pack far to many shoes and need to know that limit haha.
Also do you serve food on the flight? Is it charged or included?

Kind Regards

titmitch :ok:

2nd Jul 2008, 13:41
The luggage limit is 15kgs if you booked direct with Freedom Flights or XL.com. If you booked through Libra it may be slightly higher.
Be aware that if you go over your allowance then Excess Bagagge is 5 per kilo.

Also if your flight prefix has only 3 numbers eg XLA123 then it's a no meals flight however you can buy on board certain food items like Sandwiches, Bacon Baguettes or Pizzas subject to availability.
If you have 4 numbers, XLA1234, then a meal is provided.


2nd Jul 2008, 20:48
The pizza is good! Deffo worth the 3.50!