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11th Feb 2002, 04:14
Does anyone know how you can add a number pd days/weeks/months/years etc to a date in Access. i.e. how do you make a query to add two weeks to an already inputtued date in a table.

Any help much appreciated

Michael Fuller PAFP. [email protected]<hidden>

11th Feb 2002, 05:17

The function you use is DateAdd. Check the help re this but basically.


X is the interval =&gt; s-seconds n-minutes (!!!). .d-days,w- weekdays (!!!),ww-weeks, m-months,y-year

Y is the number of intervals (can be negative). .Z is the date you want to change.

If you just want a query to output this, just type in the the Field Dateadd("x",Y,Z) and make Z the field you want to add the interval to ..ENCLOSED in square brackets[field1].

If you want update the data use an update query

Be very careful!!. .Enter the formula as above in the "update to" field of the field you want to change.

Make sure that your Criteria is correct before running the Query.


11th Feb 2002, 17:20
Thanks alot i will give that a try. I was sure that there must have been a function in access to do what i wanted, it is just a matter of knowing what it is.


12th Feb 2002, 19:27

yes, the learning curve in Access is a bit like a brick wall. I found that thinking of what I wanted and then some working thru the help system worked most times.


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