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1st Jul 2008, 21:50
Im flying from Glasgow to Dubai via Amsterdam with KLM and i know it will be a 777 to Dubai but i wanted to know what their economy service is like and whether amenity kits etc are handed out?. Ive never flown with KLM before so i would like to know what others think of their long haul economy class service?


Conan The Barber
1st Jul 2008, 22:17
You are lucky you will be on a 777. The IFE will then be closer to something from the year 2000, rather than the one from 1975 they use on their 747s.

If you are even luckier the seat will be slightly softer than the wooden benches installed in the "upgraded" 747 cabin.

Amenity kit? Ha ha, good one. In World Business Class they have introduced the incredible shrinking amenity kit. Every year it becomes smaller and smaller. As by magic.

Best of all, you luggage might even make onto your flight to Dubai. If you are lucky that is.

2nd Jul 2008, 08:21
I suggest you compare amenities and cost together. Often I check prices at Expedia and usually KL is the cheapest of the majors (or the biggest loco), but it doesn't do so well in other respects. If you are saving $500+ you can afford to buy your own amenity kit, being your own entertainment and maybe even a soft seat cushion.

Then if it's the amenities you are after and cost is no problem then there are many better options, like AF.

2nd Jul 2008, 11:36
Iain I found the KLM 777 to be comfy enough in economy. However please note KLM are introducing a new more cramped seating config on the 777s. It used to be 3-3-3 across, but they are going to 3-4-3. Whether this just affects new planes, or whether existing equipment is being retro-fitted, I don't know.

So sorry, I can't give you the answer to this, but I can give you the right question to ask in case you wish to establish which equipment you'll be on!

The IFE is excellent by the way, on demand seat back TV and films, and the cabin crew are quite "dutch" in style ie. fairly direct (don't expect any fawning) but I don't mind that a bit. Food is fine.

2nd Jul 2008, 14:21
The Amenity Kit will be a headset, a napkin and a packet of peanuts.. Food is fine, ditto for IFE... utilitarian. The 777 is the best of the bunch. Can't remember if KLM do the Online Check-In/Pick your seat etc - if they do, go for it (a boon at the Airport) and there's websites which will flag the 'best' seats. It's probably a 3-3-3 configuration, which is better than others (Emirates are 3-4-3... ouch) with the only doubles near the toilets and best avoided.

7 or 8 hours isn't so bad provided the Movies are good... and if not it's a good book, an i-pod and a decent neck pillow - or if you're lucky a pleasant travel companion to while away the hours... I doubt the Amenity Kit will ease your passage much.

Best part of the journey will be Amsterdam Airport and the worst part will be Dubai Airport... Enjoy. :)

barry lloyd
3rd Jul 2008, 20:58
Did this very trip a few weeks ago -spiney has it about right. KLM does have on-line check-in. The trip I did was a 777 both ways, and both had 3-4-3 seating. Expect the flight to be full - but then so are everyone else's!

Load Toad
4th Jul 2008, 02:13
I flew on a KLM combi 747 from PVG to AMS a few weeks ago. Flight was and service was fine & polite. Check in on line helped avoid queuing at PVG. Food was basic but quite OK.
IFE was effectively non-existent as it was a wall mounted TV screen too far away for me to see. But the seat was comfy enough for me to read and kip through the flight.