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1st Jul 2008, 11:44

I'm a regular flyer on Sqeezyjet and really hate the scramble for seats on embarkment, especially as I am too tall to fit into most of the seats which are designed for 1.80m average sized people, yet the emergency exit seats always seemed to be grabbed by some smug little short-arse with huge elbows who gets there first. But recently embarking on one flight (to Newcastle, about a month ago), the stewie took one look at me as I was getting on and said "you're a tall chap - we'll put you in the emergency aisle where you'll be more comfortable". ALLLE*******YOUYAH - I nearly kissed the poor girl. What a brilliant piece of customer service which really made my day and ensured I booked again.

Yes, I know that the emergency aisle seats should be given firstly to able-bodied people (and I am that, also pilot too so I know the drills), but it is not difficult to reserve the seats with the most legroom for those of us who really need it. My upperlegs are too long to fit in the seat pitch of standard seats, so I have to sit sideways which is not great for my neighbour either. So please could Easyjet adopt this policy for all flights??

1st Jul 2008, 12:55
Hear hear... that would be brilliant!

I was quite peeved on a recent flight to get on fairly near the front only to find the 4 exit rows in the middle of the aircraft taken up by 4 youngish, smallish females (not together), two of whom were sitting in the middle of the three seats. The one I chose to sit next to (so I could have the window) was blatantly trying to keep the row to herself, as she huffed and puffed when she moved to let me in.

1st Jul 2008, 13:05
I cant see that happening.
If speedy boarding doesnt get you on quickly enough then maybe book special assistance. Come to think of it even this group gets on behind the speedy boarders! I got on last night in group A and had about 30 people ahead of me yet managed to score the aisle seat row 1 across from the door. Vacant next to me with a full flight behind! Strange how people select their seating sometimes. Best flight to date though and only 1hr 22 Gatwick - Prague.


1st Jul 2008, 19:56
A bit of insider info for you, go onto easyjet.com and you will find Andy Harrison's email address, email him and tell him about these things. As crew we have pax complaning about these things all the time, don't mean to sound rude but we don't get listened to!!! email him and rtell him your thoughts, may be things will change!

2nd Jul 2008, 08:27
During boarding, I try to get the taller people at the exits too. I usually spot them from my position at the overwing when they enter the aircraft and will try to encourage other people to sit somewhere else (sending non-English speakers and grandma's to other seats - they usually don't want to part from their handbags-) . The exit seats tend to remain free until about more than half the pax have boarded.
Anyway, if you can't sit confortably in a normal seat, you should definately buy Speedy Boarding. It's not expensive, and you'll diminish the chance of me being furloughed in the next round of cost cutting.

4th Jul 2008, 21:50
if you can't sit confortably in a normal seat, you should definately buy Speedy Boarding.Yes, well, you don't have to board with the rest of us!

Just been on 2 return trips to Germany this week; same thing each time.

Ground staff call pax forward far too early so as to make sure everyone's ready for a quick turnround, total scrum, idiots who've paid for PB unable to get throuigh the crowd.

Last night was a classic; flight late, boarding called 15 minutes before aircraft taxied up to the gate, tightly-packed mass of unco-operative people who have been messed about a little too far.

Eventually ground handling lady who needs a charm course starts the routine and a few plucky souls fight their way through the crowd waving their PB cards, then she screeches for "Group A".

The unseemly Group B riffraff, who have pushed to the front as they always do, now try to go through anyway, only to be ordered to wait to one side at the top of the bridge. Eventually they form a solid block preventing any further boarding, so the Gauleiterin orders them to go back behind the politely waiting, better behaved Group A people. But the Group A people won't move back to allow this to happen, even though the handling agent from hell tells them to do that.

Impasse. It took at least 30 minutes to compete boarding, so that we enjoyed a very high speed taxi to escape curfews, or so the pilot said.

This sort of scene is typical on most EZY flights I've been on in since they were introduced, and that's a good many flights from a good many airports. I'm not complaining, I don't pay for the PB scam. The best of all is when people pay to be first on the bus and last on the aircraft, and we all know at which airports to get through the gate last.

We pay stupidly low prices for a crap service, just like Ryanair, and get exactly what we pay for. I don't mind; it's only an hour or two purgatory with an Ipod and a book, and then you're there.