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1st Jul 2008, 11:18
Following a go around into Gatwick on Friday arvo (due upset small child not seated properly i.e stayed on mums lap) I had the misfortune to be booked on the cancelled Ezy flight Gatwick - Prague on Sunday night. A technical problem resulted in about a 3 hr delay followed by the cancellation (Wont go into the chaos that ensued the announcement here - save to say to any ground crew that people need to be kept informed, accurately and in english as well as czech (why not use a bilingual pax to translate for Ezy?)).
It was announced that we would be entitled to compensation of Euro 250 plus hotel transfer and a rebooked flight.
I had accom available only 1 hour away so I declined joining the hotel booking queue and made my own overnight arrangements via a hire car getaway!

Called EJ next day to organise promised 250 windfall. Contrary to the Ezy staff statement at Gatwick the night before, I was told that compensation was not payable and was quoted the line in the EU Notice of rights regarding cancellation:

Approx quote " Pax entitled to rights except where ......Easyj*t can prove the cancellation is due to extraordinary circumstance which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures have been taken, including but not limited to .... etc etc ...... and unexpected flight safety shortcomings."

On return to Prague I heard that the same chaos ensued here that night as the return flight to London consequently didnt happen. The compenstaion issue was aired on local TV and people here sincerely believed that they were entitled to some form of financial payout.

So apart from perhaps crewing problems when would a carrier be liable to pay up?
Not complaining (just disappointed) but like many self employed contractors that night, I lost at least a days pay, and I would have thought that an airline could insure against this scenario.

Any views / informed opinion appreciated.

Still happy to fly Ezy. But their reputation would be much enhanced by a little more thought and consideration for the pax when the unexpected happens.


1st Jul 2008, 11:30
I was at Orly Sat night, flying back to Nice. My flight was two hours late (a big improvement on my last one, which was delayed from 1900 to 0230 or so). But poor folks on a flight to Barcelona just had their flight cancelled - due to "staff problems". Sqeezyjet has definitely gone down a biut recently IMO and I'm tempted to start paying more for legacy airlines.