View Full Version : Ryanair Reservations System "Slow"

26th Jun 2008, 21:22
The problems this week with Ryanair's reservations system are beyond a joke. "Slow"? Come to a complete stop, if you ask me. Here I am trying to give MOL money and I'm getting nowhere.:ugh: Does anyone know what is causing the current problem and how much more of this we're going to have to put up with?

26th Jun 2008, 23:10
Just booked a flight now, no problem at all.

Skipness One Echo
27th Jun 2008, 16:00
Was hopeless last week. Kept trying to book STN-NQY but would simply say "ERROR ERROR YOU ARE A MORON" *cough*

btw I thought I had booked months ago but when I reveiwed the small print it said my booking, complete with ref number was pending. Seems my bank payment had "timed out". Of course no one thought to tell me...... lol