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25th Jun 2008, 21:22

I recently got 74% in my POF exam

I was wondering how i would go about getting an appeal to get it remarked as i ve got nothing to lose.

anyone know how to go about this?


25th Jun 2008, 21:43
Write an email to to the CAA exam department which can be found on the internet, or call the department yourself. You can appeal it, but it will cost you in the regional of 25 for each appeal. It will take a few days for them to mark it.


25th Jun 2008, 22:35
Unlucky! I think the CAA should re-mark any papers which fall 72-74% regardless

But in rip off britain they will want to make money out of you anyway they can.

25th Jun 2008, 22:40
The CAA also had 'computer trouble' leading me to think they may have made an error.

also does anyone know why u have to write in pencil?

25th Jun 2008, 22:44
Are they not marked by a machine anyway?

I wouldn't bother with an individual appeal that involves simply recounting your score. They'll just take your cash and tell you that you got 74% again. Unless there was a dubious question(s) in your paper and someone like BGS appeals directly to the CAA, then it is very unlikely that an appeal will get you any more marks. Bad luck, just make sure you nail it next time.

David Horn
26th Jun 2008, 00:16
They're marked by computer. I do know someone who ran into trouble with this; the CAA said his pencil marks weren't dark enough. Since they supply the pencils, I'm not quite sure what they mean! He had his remarked (I believe the school sorted it out for him) and it went right up to 100% IIRC.

Did you finish the exam feeling like you'd scored a lot higher than you actually did?

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