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23rd Jun 2008, 21:41
hey guys just a quick question.
I was wondering if someone could tell me if a JAA medical would cover me for an FAA PPL?

23rd Jun 2008, 21:49
you will need to get an FAA class 3 student medical to fly in US airspace and go solo. if u have a JAA medical, u will have no probs with the FAA class 3.

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only 130

23rd Jun 2008, 21:49
Unless you already have a JAA PPL and can get it validated, you will need an FAA Medical (with student pilot certificate) so that you can go solo in US airspace.

FAA Medicals are expensive in Europe - they're only $80 over here! :ok:

You are also required to have a current JAA medical if taking the JAA PPL skills test so bare that in mind if you travel to the states to do a JAA PPL.

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