View Full Version : Gulf Air Seating

23rd Jun 2008, 17:47

Can anyone tell me whether the refurbished aircraft are used on the Bahrain - Bangkok route and if they have the seat back tv's etc as I going with them in August.


23rd Jun 2008, 17:51
They normally use the old A340- you might be lucky and get one of the refurbished ones- just depends on which aircrafts are available- it's a very busy flight from Bahrain to Bangkok. The old ones don't have t.v's on the back.

barry lloyd
23rd Jun 2008, 21:29
Flew on a 340 BAH-DXB a couple of weeks ago. No seat-back entertainment, but seemed OK otherwise. As someone who was SLF long before on-board entertainment was installed, I never use them anyway - not least because they go U/S half the time, usually in the middle of the film! Suggest you take a book (or two!).

24th Jun 2008, 08:47
Thanks for your replies - will take some books then!

Its only a 7 hour flight between BAH-BKK anyway so not that long in the scheme of things.