View Full Version : Emergency exits do not have to be 'manned'?

22nd Jun 2008, 18:49
Hello everybody,

question for the cabin crew: on the flight back from Charles de Gaulle to Amsterdam on a KLM 733, there were very few passengers.
About 20 total, we were all seated around the CG of the aircraft.

BUT..... the overwing emergency exits did not have anyone seated next to them. So I was hoping to be able to get those seats, nobody was seated there. Iasked the stewardess if we could sit there.
We had to take our assigned seats (of course, I will not argue that). But when I pointed out that no-one was seated at the exits, and adding that I thought it was required by law, she stated cheerfully that this was not a requirement! :confused::ooh:

So my question is: is it or is it not required by law to have someone seated at the overwing exits to open these in case of an emergency?

23rd Jun 2008, 15:38

There is extensive debate on this subject in an existing thread here on SLF.