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22nd Jun 2008, 12:17
Hi all, i just found this out:

new shared departure area at Heathrow

Heathrow is currently undergoing extensive work to create a modern and spacious environment, designed to transform your airport experience.
From 17 June 2008 the introduction of a new shared airport departure area is just the next step in the development of the Terminal. Whether you are travelling on a domestic or international flight with bmi you will access the departure gates via the international departure area and be able to take advantage of all the services and retail outlets that the Terminal has to offer.
additional security measures
On your next domestic flight with us, you will be asked to pause for a photograph when you present your boarding pass at the security search area. Quick and safe, this then allows you to proceed through the security process to relax and enjoy the airport departure area. On your way to your gate, your photograph will be validated just prior to boarding your flight. Afterwards the records are deleted so there's no need to worry about them being kept on file.

I am due to fly out of lhr in a couple of days could anyone tell me how this new arrangement is performing (will i need to arrive earlier than usual for a domestic flight to bhd?)

Many Thanks


Medway Control
22nd Jun 2008, 14:48
bhd... worked like a charm. more xray machines, more staff (or at least better deployed staff I thought), and was through and in the area of gate 2 for bhd in about 5 minutes. and that was on wednesday about 6pmish

27th Jun 2008, 22:27
And we're supposed to believe them when they say they don't keep the photos? Ha! The government (and minions) always tell the truth of course....

28th Jun 2008, 00:58
Why would you care if they did keep the photos?

28th Jun 2008, 11:25
An uninformed guess, says that the pics would be kept for 24 hours on a sh or 48 on lh. If their small print says that they delete them and they are later found to have NOT deleted them, they are in breach of contract and you can take them to court.

Do I think it will make us 'safer'? No. But you can comply or not fly.

4th Jul 2008, 11:37
I think the changes here are spot on. I travelled through on Friday night going to MCR and there were no queues through X ray (ok i know BA have gone and left a huge hole here in terms of PAX nos but i think the new procedures will be able to cope with everything once airlines move to T1 - and it was Friday night so was busier than other days). I also liked the fact that i could actually go and get a meal airside and potter around the shops whilst i waited for my flight, rather than just opting for a sandwich and a sit at Gate 8 or in what was the BA domestic area. Although i knew where i was going, it was good to see BAA staff on hand to direct domestic passengers to the right place. Am not too worried about the photo taking, ive had it taken at LGW before and MME has been taking photos for a while now due to the shared departure area (although they only have 4 gates and not that many flights departing at the same time!!!). I dont care if they keep the photo or not!