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21st Jun 2008, 22:37
Hi Folks

We are off for a family holiday in July flying EasyJet from East Midlands to Venice (Marco Polo). I have a couple of questions that I hope you can help with:

I am not familliar with EMA and how EasyJet board there, but we are travelling with 3 kids so I am worried about getting seated early to ensure we can sit together. I've just looked on easyjet.com but the speedy boarding option is not available to add to my booking. Can anyone tell me how EasyJet load here and the best way to get on the A/C early?
I regularly fly from Birmingham to mainland Europe and the routing is usually down to London and turn left overhead Heathrow to track just south of the Thames giving a good view of London on a clear day. Is the routing from East Midlands to Venice likely to be the same so that sitting on the left side of the plane will give my kids a good view of the London sights?


22nd Jun 2008, 00:42

if any of your children are under 2 then you will be preboarded which means you'll be boarded after the speedy boarders.
if not then if you check in as early as possible and are allocated boarding group A and get to the gate early so you can get to the front of the queue and you will all get seats together. im sure even if your at teh end of the A queue theres still a good chance of you being able to get seats together.
if not ask they crew. usually they will be happy to get passengers to move around so a family can sit together, the other passengers are usually happy to comply too.

Justin Cyder-Belvoir
22nd Jun 2008, 00:53
If you are on an early departure easy will bus you to the airplane: the walk on stands are only available from 10 am onwards.

The normal route will take towards Coventry, then south west on a radar heading to Birmingham then a left towards Heathrow, then further left to Dover then to Ostend, Brussels, Liege, right to probably Stuttgart, then left over the Alps towards Brescia then in to Venice.......ish.

Sit on the left for London, the right for Brussels and the Rhine Valley.

Enjoy Venice.

Pax Vobiscum
22nd Jun 2008, 21:41
If you're staying in Venice, get a water taxi in from Marco Polo - the best way to arrive in Venice is by sea!