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20th Jun 2008, 18:14
Hi all,
I intend to travel with BA on a transatlantic flight next month. I have been told that I have to enlist myself with BA. I am airline staff, unfortunately,not with BA. Does anyone have any links to specific websites where I can do this?
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20th Jun 2008, 18:45
Hi Sub320.
The website you are looking for is https://idtravel.ba.com

You will need your ticket number (the long number on your ticket as opposed to the reference number) passport number and anything else that may be required for APIS to your destination. If you are traveling from T5, instead of checking in at a regular desk you will need to go to a self service kiosk in the check in area and input the reference number you recieve from the above website after listing. If the flight has seats you will be immediately issued with a boarding pass from the machine. If not, then you will be directed to the staff travel waiting room which is to the left of the check in hall through Door A!

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20th Jun 2008, 19:15
Thanks for your immediate reply,very helpful

Really appreciated your input- very detailed.
Loads look quite good up till now,but you never know!

I have just tried to log on to the given site but cannot!Would you kindly check if its the correct one ( unless I have a problem with my pc!)
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20th Jun 2008, 22:34

If you are on a commercial ticket just go to ba.com (http://www.ba.com) and "manage my booking".

If you are using staff travel, your staff travel office should be able to advise you of the procedure.

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21st Jun 2008, 20:22
Hi Sub,

I just tried it again. It is working on my computer but oddly enough I seem to get a virus warning before the page opens so maybe your firewall is preventing it from opening. But try not to worry too much, if it doesnt work at home there are sets in the Staff Travel waiting area which you can use to list but just make sure you list at least 60mins before scheduled departure!!!

21st Jun 2008, 21:03
apaddyinuk (http://www.pprune.org/forums/member.php?u=90204)

Managed to do it, I disregarded the virus warning and managed.
Your post was really helpful

Many thanks once again