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19th Jun 2008, 13:36
I am currently in a position where I have almost completed all the ATPL ground exams and have 100 hours P1, hence I am now looking into the financial aspects of the next stage of my training.

All my flight training to date has been completed in the UK and all my flying has been completed in the UK, with the exception of trips across Europe to France, Spain, Belgium etc.

I want to continue my training in the UK if possible because regardless of quality there is a huge anti-US movement out there when it comes to flight training and I simply don't want to find myself canned into that corner! Hence I'm looking for high quality flight training in the UK.

I am shocked to find that some schools are now charging upto twice there claimed price due to fuel surcharges, schools are obviously taking advantage of the situation to increase profits, I have heard of CPL/IR with minimum hours now costing 30K in the uk, can anyone please spread more light on the current situation, if you have completed your CPL/IR recently can you please tell me how much it cost all in and the number of hours you took to complete.

I don't want to do my flight training in the US and have to deal with the hassle of conversion when I come back, but I feel that I may be forced into this corner if prices are really going that high!

19th Jun 2008, 13:44
Professional Air Training (PAT) offer CPL ME IR training with variations on the single engine/multi engine and then conversion theme. They price in the 22-24k bracket. People on here seem to rate them. Check out their website.

19th Jun 2008, 13:47
Ok thats the quoted price, lots of nice quoted prices around at the moment, what are people actually paying?

19th Jun 2008, 14:06
Very good reply flyboy. That's the attitude!

I have CPL/ME and 8 hours left on my IR.

I'm paying:

SE CPL: 5,000
MEP: 2,100
IR: 11,300

Now the grey area. You said 'all in'.


CAA test fees: 1,600
A/C hire for test: 1,400
Landing fees: Around 1,000
CAA license issue fees: 300

Total: 22,700. Plus living costs (impossible to include objectively).

However, these prices are 1 year old and have not risen in that time. If they rise 20% then you are not far off 28k.

Add your MCC and yep, you busted 30k. Thats with first time passes.

You may get cheaper at some schools, for example those which operate twinstars. But that is a different can of worms!

Bottom line, 30k is very realistic. Might not even be enough in six months!

Hope this helps.


19th Jun 2008, 14:40
You may get cheaper at some schools, for example those which operate twinstars. But that is a different can of worms!

Not any more. At the school I'm at, the Twinstar is now 4/hr more expensive than the Seneca (TS - 350/hr PA34 - 346/hr) due to a rapid increase in maintainence costs since the demise of Thielert !!. The fuel surcharge is currently 30p/min :eek: on the Seneca, although the price above includes that !!.


19th Jun 2008, 14:49
Well there you go then. I did say it was a can of worms!

Out of interest,

schools are obviously taking advantage of the situation to increase profits

I understand where you are coming from and I'm as cynical as the next person, but I do think that FTO's are being as fair as can be with the surcharge. Fuel prices are outragous!


19th Jun 2008, 19:40
Not at all, I have heard of some very hefty fuel surcharges which are well above the increase that has been seen in fuel prices, schools are taking advantage. Schools without an FNPTII are going to loose out here because thats the one piece of equipment which guards against an increase in fuel!

I'm now trying to makesure that I do my IR first, before my CPL at a school with an FNPTII, doing 40 hours of the IR this way should reduce the pressure of increased fuel prices.

20th Jun 2008, 16:40
Thats a sensible attitude flyboy.

Although, if you want to steer clear of 'scams' then sims may not be the way either. Most schools that offer the IR with 35 hours in the sim are just as expensive if not more than those who offer the whole 55 hours in the A/C. So they were over priced in the first place!

I wouldn't be surprised to find that these simulator courses rise in cost too. Completely unjustifiable, but what can you do? It has happened before.

Six of one and half a dozen of the other.

You seem to have your head screwed on and I'm sure you'll choose well.


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