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14th Jun 2008, 12:55
Hi eveyone,

I'll start training in October this year over in the States, and will do FAA PPL, CPL and ME + IR followed by some hour building.

Being from continental Europe of course, and having (wanting ;)) to return home, I'd then want to get my JAA ATPL.

Now, I was told that the conversion route isn't as easy anymore as it used to be couple of years ago.

I truly hope you guys could shed some light on some questions which keep bugging me over and over again.

-- Basically, is it better to only do PPL and CPL in the US and then get the JAA ATPL here, or would I have to FIRST do to the FAA ATPL and then convert it? :ooh: Would it actually make any sense to do both?

-- What exactly are the requirements for a "conversion" anyway? I've called Austrocontrol because I was told they will give me all info I need (I'm Austrian as you can guess from that) , but they told me to look it up on the internet....how helpful!!! Anyway, couldn't find it.

Does it count as "conversion" if I do FAA PPL and CPL and then the JAA ATPL? What's the conversion part here, I don't get it....sry for being a neeewbie :zzz:

Any help on this often-covered subject would of course be hiiiiighly appreciated. And yeah, I've read the other threads too....information overflow aaah :ok:

14th Jun 2008, 13:15
Not being au fait with the Austria's CAA, I only can give you the UK CAA's reference. Try LASORS (http://www.caa.co.uk/application.aspx?catid=33&pagetype=65&appid=11&mode=detail&id=1591).

It's a free download.

The main thing to remember is you can only convert "like for like". So if you have an FAA CPL, you can only convert it to a JAA CPL.
Of course you'll have to do the 14 wonderful JAA ATPL subjects first so you can "convert" the IR.

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