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13th Jun 2008, 13:51
I was padding around the local Mall today with the tribe when I saw something from my childhood days for sale... Sea Monkeys!

Jumping from one foot to another in barely restrained glee, I immediately bought a kit, for the kids of course you understand, not for me.

The waves of nostalgia are almost overwhelming and I look forward in a few days time when my 'simian' aquatics will hatch forth and multiply.

Now if I could only find a ‘Tin Can Alley’.

Childhood nostalgia. Dont you miss it?

13th Jun 2008, 13:59

you mean this?

13th Jun 2008, 13:59
make sure you buy some extra food!

I had a kit bought for me many years ago from a relative in NZ (Im in the UK). I was running out of food and couldnt find any in the UK so ordered some from NZ. By the time it arrived my Sea Monkey Army had died :{

Funny little critters though


tony draper
13th Jun 2008, 14:40
I recall them being advertised on the back of American Comics along with X ray Specks and the Charles Atlas course on how prevent sand being kicked into one's face at the beach.
Can't say one ever bought any though.

13th Jun 2008, 14:45
the Charles Atlas course on how prevent sand being kicked into one's face at the beach.
Can't say one ever bought any though.:confused:

13th Jun 2008, 14:55
Anybody buy the x-ray specs (and did they work?)?
I think we should be told.

Edited to add:-
The lenses consist of two layers of cardboard with a small hole about 6mm (.25 inch) in diameter punched through both layers. The user views objects through the holes. A feather is embedded between the layers of each lens. The vanes of the feathers are so close together that light is diffracted, causing the user to receive two slightly offset images. For instance, if viewing a pencil, one would see two offset images of the pencil. Where the images overlap, a darker image is obtained, supposedly giving the illusion that one is seeing the graphite embedded within the body of the pencil.
X-Ray Specs were invented by Harold von Braunhut, also the inventor of Amazing Sea-Monkeys.
(from:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-Ray_Specs_(novelty) )

tony draper
13th Jun 2008, 15:06
Indeed, the Charles Atlas Course on how to biff big blokes on the beach was before the days these dastardly Eastern Martial Arts arrived in the west therefore it were necessary for small blokes to get as big as the big blokes before said biffing could take place.

13th Jun 2008, 15:36
"you mean this?"

erm, I don't think so - I got Tin Can Alley shoot em up on that link.