View Full Version : Council logoc....Pay to protest !

Krystal n chips
13th Jun 2008, 06:23
Got to give them their due here......another masterclass in "thinking!" :rolleyes:.....and their grand plans to expand the scope of their "thinking" with the bikers.......note the bit about "when they have been traced"......:hmm:....not such a a soft target as a school...so there may be some delay here......coughs !........anyway :


I think an "Idiots Guide to Council Thinking" would be a best seller actually :E

13th Jun 2008, 20:53
The council has said that closing roads, turning traffic lights to red, signs and manpower all costs money and the school needs to pay

That old chestnut. Take it out of the council tax... from the money for maintenance you no longer do, but still charge people for.

"It's not about stifling protest - it's about trying to help people have a successful demonstration. We do that by offering a service and they have to pay for that service."

Unbelievable bullsh*t! Yet unsurprising. Let's have the real reason please. In fact, don't bother... it's about what you said it isn't: stifling protest.

I hope they don't pay.