View Full Version : Could this be the end of the farmhouse B&B?

12th Jun 2008, 12:37
Cats, dogs and other household pets are about to be banished from the kitchens of Britain’s 20,000 B&Bs. No longer will hosts be able to prepare a farmhouse fry-up for their guests while the family labrador snoozes in a basket by the Aga.
B&B owners, who already complain of being overburdened by regulation, now face the enforcement by health inspectors of a European Union directive banning animals from food preparation areas. In response many are thinking of closing their doors to guests at a time when the domestic holiday market is booming.
The EU directive became law in 2006 but its effects are only now filtering through. The regulations apply to all food preparation areas, regardless of size. Those finding it hardest to adapt to the new rules are farmhouse B&Bs, where guests are put up in the family home and treated to a freshly cooked breakfast in the owner’s kitchen.

0r does it make sense?

More at:- http://travel.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/travel/news/article4116332.ece

Effluent Man
12th Jun 2008, 12:58
Personally I think it makes sense.I have three cats and I used to run a B&B near the Suffolk coast.I always thought that,to an extent,the customer was right and was always careful to keep them out of the way of food. I was very particular about serving a good breakfast made from high quality locally sourced ingredients and a garnish of ginger fur was never going to improve it.

12th Jun 2008, 13:27
I support this one.

I was brought up in a household with numerous pets and, to be blunt, they leak from every orifice. Spittingimage Towers has therefore been a pet-free zone for this past 35 years and so it will stay.

If we stay at a rented cottage we deliberately pick ones that say 'no pets' but have discovered the disappointing way that this can mean the owners have a miniature zoo load of pets of their own next door and that their 'attractive garden' is a no-go zone for us for easily deducible and unpleasant reasons.

Homes are for humans and I make no apology for saying this.

Peter Fanelli
12th Jun 2008, 17:57
to be blunt, they leak from every orifice

What orifice does a dog or cat leak from that you don't?

12th Jun 2008, 18:14
I think Spittingimage was saying he doesn't leak!:E


12th Jun 2008, 18:14
What orifice does a dog or cat leak from that you don't?

Anal glands and whiskers maybe? :eek:

12th Jun 2008, 18:39
A good thing. My cats walk all over the worktops, if I was catering for people who were paying me they would be banned from the kitchen. I'm used to their germs, visitors probably are not.

12th Jun 2008, 22:18
But my dog normally cooks breakfast..... :confused:

12th Jun 2008, 22:25
I thought it was the dog's dinner? :confused:

Standard Noise
12th Jun 2008, 22:25
That's clever, Lucyfer hasn't evolved past eating breakfast.
Specially if it's mine!

S'a load of old bullocks, feckin health inspectors. A farmhouse B&B isn't the same if the dog ain't snoring by the Aga.

12th Jun 2008, 23:57
CPTN - We're apparently outvoted!

I would far rather enjoy a homely atmosphere than the sanitised austerity our bureaucratic masters wish on us - and so do Bandit, Burli, Pep, Fluff, Mog and Tom

13th Jun 2008, 00:08
It'd probably do everyone the power of good if they ate their dinner off the floor once a week! Bit o' dirt won't do you any harm unless you live in a completely sanitised home.



13th Jun 2008, 00:45
I cannot stand people that cannot stand animals.

When people come to our home to have dinner, and a lot do, they will have the pleasure of sharing my home with our two dogs and two cats. If they don't like it, they don't get no stinkin dinner. :p

(Oh, a Great Pyrenees, an Alaskan Malamute and two little puddy cats.)

(Except for today, we had a little Malamute puppy, son's and a Teacup Chihuahua, daughter's, in addition to the above.) :)

13th Jun 2008, 01:22
Presumably this ban will also extend to some of the creatures in the food preparation area of McD's .....:eek:

13th Jun 2008, 06:34
I cannot stand people that cannot stand animals.

I think we will get along well, sir :)

Ancient Mariner
13th Jun 2008, 07:00
I cannot stand people that cannot stand animals.

I have no problem with animals. Some of the pet owners, on the other hand....................

Effluent Man
13th Jun 2008, 08:19
The issue is not about liking animals.Pepsi is 19 and will pee on the floor to save her athritic legs. Mr.G.Nut and brother Squeak have no form on this score but leak fur.

13th Jun 2008, 09:03
There are some really prissy people in this world. Since when did anyone come to harm in a farmhouse B&B? The only likely effect of this is more B&B closures. I recently stayed in a guest house in Yorkshire. It was the only one left trading in the village - all the others had closed. Hardly surprising with daft rules like these.

13th Jun 2008, 11:20
I'm with the B&B with animals on this one. How many hundreds of years have we survived without these idiot type rules?

How the hell are we supposed to build immunity to anything if we are perpetually in a sterilised world?

13th Jun 2008, 11:33
If I ran a B&B I'd want a very large dog, how do you know the next guest isn't a nutter?

13th Jun 2008, 13:13
I cannot stand people that cannot stand animals.

Me neither, I love animals. Especially when cooked to perfection by Mrs M9:ok: