View Full Version : Shunamitism

12th Jun 2008, 07:23
All in favour say AYE. Should it be available on prescription?:ok:

12th Jun 2008, 07:27
I'd be all in favour if it wasn't for the NON SEXUAL nature of the rejuvenation........:}

12th Jun 2008, 07:31
B*gger !!! Didn't know it was conditional. Said nowt about that in the dictionary when I came across the word yesterday.

12th Jun 2008, 11:44
Thinking about shunamitism can cause onanism.

12th Jun 2008, 16:53
From Wiki...

The term is based on the Biblical story of King David and Abishag, a young woman from Shunem. When King David was old and could not stay warm, his servants found Abishag to sleep with him.

Abi-shag!? ;)

tony draper
12th Jun 2008, 16:59
Well he had served in the same role for King Saul hadn't he?.
Alus thunk there was summat funny betwixt them two.