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11th Jun 2008, 23:32
Hi, has anyone travelled from UK to Kazakhstan recently and have any tips on routes? I'm looking to fly at a peak travel time (England game out there next June) so direct flights aren't a great option - I'm happy to be creative, but want it as cheap as possible!

Also, do any Air Astana (or other) crew have any ideas on whether the game will be played in Almaty or the new national stadium in Astana?

Thanks in advance for any answers to such a random request!

Charlie Roy
12th Jun 2008, 00:05
I found a website saying it'll be Almaty.

Here are some ways to get there:

airbaltic: gatwick
air astana: heathrow
czech airlines: heathrow (possibly manchester)
bmi: heathrow (or via heathrow from other UK airports)
KLM: A dozen or so UK airports
Lufthansa: A dozen or so UK airports
Turkish: heathrow, manchester

Aksai Oiler
12th Jun 2008, 13:45
BA (now BMI) used to have some decent fares as did LH and TK; Air Astana was always expensive

12th Jun 2008, 19:46
KLM via Schipol always used to good.

12th Jun 2008, 22:34
I've foud flights with Cheapflights flying on LH which are still quite expensive yet still the cheapest (via FRA from many UK airports)

13th Jun 2008, 08:31
Thanks to all for your replies.

Thanks also to the moderators for moving this thread to the obviously more relevant SLF section! You provide a most-valuable service :D

13th Jun 2008, 23:40
If you are flying to Almaty, KLM is the best way to go. Their planes are sparkling new (a332), schiphol a great transit place and the fares are relatively low (flew aug 1, 07). They also offer direct service instead of going via Astana (LH) and Ekatirnburg (BMI). Can't tell you about other airlines, but again I recommend KLM:ok:.

Don Coyote
14th Jun 2008, 09:20
bmi now fly direct to Almaty from Heathrow and no longer go via Yekaterinburg.

14th Jun 2008, 15:55
Ah it seems you are correct, wonder when this happened. Now operated by Astraeus For Bmi on 757 metal.

Dan Air 87
14th Jun 2008, 17:53
Forget bmi; the best fares are with Lufthansa..period. Their flights are good and I don't mind the connections in FRA. Its going through the big toilet called LHR that is the worst bit. After that, Kazakhstan is a massive improvement.