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Will Hung
11th Jun 2008, 11:37
Any idea where a lot of peoples old adversary, Rainboe is ?

I always enjoyed seeing a thread he / she was in, 'cos I knew things would get nasty.

11th Jun 2008, 14:50

11th Jun 2008, 15:23
If that's true then he's had a Full Frontal Lobotomy in the meantime. There's no one of his like posting here now. :(

Where was he with the missing door panel on BMI? I waited ......... and I waited ......... and I waited ..............

Notso Fantastic
11th Jun 2008, 19:21
He's still about. Somebody decided to censor R's posts prior to posting because he showed fangs to twerps. So, this old horror from history resurfaced, like Freddie Kruger brought back, to police idiots from the airwaves.

Hang it all, this used to be mainly for pilots. Now there are too many simmers pretending to be pilots, and wimps saying 'why don't people like me....why is the Halifax so beastly to me.....I'm going to tell the papers!'. Some of them need large, sharp black teeth up their arses!

And indiscriminate use of inverted commas and bad grammar will result in terror.

Rainboe hasn't gone. Just concealed for a while at the back of your minds, like a hidden nightmare! And he's ba....ck...........

11th Jun 2008, 19:46
What an opportunity missed! :{ modelcuirstudios on Rainboe's couch. Mods, could you allow modelcuirstudios back and introduce him to the new Rainboe..... please. :ok:

Notso Fantastic
11th Jun 2008, 21:48
Just look at this- I don't know where to start:
One company I worked for issued 3 bars to the FO's purely becuse BA only gives thier's 2 mucky silver things. He thought 3 gold made the uniform look better than there's.
(from 'Epaulettes' in Questions)

This actually had me in tears. God gave us the language of Shakespeare, and a nice complicated grammar that is really difficult for foreigners to grasp. I personally appear to be paying the complete education budget for the UK, and what do we breed here? Illiterates who can't spell and suffer incredibly out-of-control apostrophes. Where do I start? Does nobody care? I thought maybe better to leave this gentleman in his ignorance! But I can't help thinking if you are going to communicate, then either do it properly or don't bother because people don't listen to you if you are garbled, which is what that is the equivalent of!

12th Jun 2008, 20:06
Aah! See - it's getting better allreddy - the operation were a compleete success:ok: Wunder if they got al the bits back in..............

12th Jun 2008, 20:25
NOTSO FANTASTIC - quite agree with you regarding the sometimes atrocious spelling, but you might like to check your contribution in "spotters' corner"! Notso fantastic:=

12th Jun 2008, 20:50

Did you mean to end a sentence with 'of ' ?

No, I didn't think so either.

13th Jun 2008, 04:05
And to remark "Does nobody care?"

"Does anybody care" would probably be better.


Notso Fantastic
13th Jun 2008, 23:19
You are both abstelutely right. I shall go and sit up in my bedroom for an hour and think about what I writ.

Charley B
14th Jun 2008, 07:51
Straight to the bottom of the class for that one!

Not quite bad enough for the cane:)

15th Jun 2008, 08:59
Oh for someone who could aptly deal with the likes of...

"I have searched and saerched for hours and no one can tell me what the first letter of the alphabet is so I am asking heir becos I know u r all so brilyent..."

I often feel like replying but haven't got the style. You could rely on rainboe's pungency and sharp wit to rap the knuckles but yet give a good steer. So, rainboe, if you are out there.... make make me chuckle, or make me snort with rage but come back please.

The "E"

15th Jun 2008, 12:39
If all this is true should he not be "RainboW"???!

15th Jun 2008, 13:18
Rainboe was a toxic rain repellant used on early Boeings. Spelling is perfect in this case as were all of his posts.

15th Jun 2008, 13:20
NOtso its fine I know where my skills are and its not the written word.

7 years of remedial English lessons in primary and secondary.

But I would say I am better than most with maths. Bit of a professional back of a fag packet Engineer (with Hons) with a second career as a pilot.

It always seems strange to me that people can't add up or see that there is a gross error in a calculation. And god forbid they have to work out a unit change without a crib sheet or flowchart. Even stranger that fact they are proud that they can't divide 2 numbers without a calculator.

A poorly written flight report v a gross error in a load/trim sheet. Take your pick which you would prefer a pilot to do.

15th Jun 2008, 13:37
Hello! Didn't think anybody would miss me- unless it was aiming too far off to one side! This is just a test to see if those dang Mods are still censoring me. Me! A nicer, kinder person you couldn't meet! Unless you mix up your their/there/they'res, or don't think the Beatles were the best ever.

Well blow me down, the Moderators stamp is no longer required!

Rainboe is ba.....ack! Time to chew butt! A lot of butt chewing to catch up on!

15th Jun 2008, 14:14
dang Mods

Just what the hell is dang?

15th Jun 2008, 16:36
Mustn't used that word as an adjective describing the Mods please! You should know better.

15th Jun 2008, 16:42

what time do you call this?

I have been sat up for hours worrying.

That is so typical. have you had your tea?

Can I make you something nice... that's lipstick on your collar, AND you smell of drink. Upstairs now and go straight to bed. And no logging on to that whatever you call it and being toxic.

Till tomorrow.........................................

Will Hung
15th Jun 2008, 19:30
welkom bakk Rainboe !

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war !

15th Jun 2008, 19:44
Welcome back from me too.

15th Jun 2008, 20:56
Sadly I'm not the first to say welcome back but it's meant just as sincerely. These fora have been a sadder and far less accurate place without you. The mammoth BA038 thread must have had you fuming.

16th Jun 2008, 19:14
Good Heavens chaps- I'm absolutely astonished that I was missed. When I release the Doberman onto English Grammar miscreant's, especially the one's' with uncontrollable apostrophe key's (they're joke ones'), or take a chunk out of people who couldn't be bothered to post in the right forum, I seem to receive a skyful of very black flak! Perhaps there is a place for a sort of 'Community Service Officer' or whatever those pretend Police are called, especially one who thinks the best justice is dragging the miscreant behind the bike shed with a truncheon!

I hope I shall not disappoint! It was terribly frustrating watching the place go to utter lawlessness whilst a Moderator was having issues with my postings! I shall just 'nut' him next time! I apologise for being so neglectful, but someone was checking my postings because I was being a tad cruel to the twerps. I shall try and modify my ways (but not too much!).

16th Jun 2008, 19:49
O ur back ?? Cool.... Just kidding Rainboe, I'm glad you are back. Keep the greasy side down !!

16th Jun 2008, 19:59
The mammoth BA038 thread must have had you fuming.

I'm not sorry to say I haven't been reading it. I do know even the officials are flummoxed, so the self appointed experts pontificating there will get precisely nowhere! I found the Turkish DC9 crash thread horrific. There was a cabal of amateur accident investigators trying to recreate every moment post crash. They reminded me of the witches in Hamlet. I even asked if perhaps a peek into the body bags would satisfy them! They couldn't understand that all that mattered was how and why they contacted ground first, not what occured post contact. I got banned there.

Now enough of all that welcome! I feel something is wrong if I'm becoming popular all of a sudden!

16th Jun 2008, 20:49
Welcome back Rainboe.
You agreed with one of my posts once and later disappeared.I assumed that you had become ill.

16th Jun 2008, 20:52
I must have been having a bad day. I don't agree with anybody. They've given up trying to eat me.

What we doin' in Jet Blast now?

Will Hung
16th Jun 2008, 20:52
so the self appointed

Shouldn't that be hyphenated ?

Oh s**t. Now I've pulled the tigers' tail !

16th Jun 2008, 20:55
Bugger! You're right. Keep your eyes on the apostrophe's and the hyphens run amok! (Had to slip that one in).

16th Jun 2008, 21:24
The Apostrophe Protection Society was started in 2001 by John Richards, now its Chairman, with the specific aim of preserving the correct use of this currently much abused punctuation mark in all forms of text written in the English language.
The rules concerning the use of Apostrophes in written English are very simple:
1. They are used to denote a missing letter or letters, for example:

I can't instead of I cannot

I don't instead of I do not

it's instead of it is

2. They are used to denote possession, for example:

the dog's bone

the company's logo

Jones's bakery (but Joneses' bakery if owned by more than one Jones)

... but please note that the possessive form of it does not take an apostrophe any more than ours, yours or hers do

the bone is in its mouth

... however, if there are two or more dogs, companies or Joneses in our example, the apostrophe comes after the 's':

the dogs' bones

the companies' logos

Joneses' bakeries

3. Apostrophes are NEVER ever used to denote plurals! Common examples of such abuse (all seen in real life!) are:

Banana's for sale which of course should read Bananas for sale

Menu's printed to order which should read Menus printed to order

MOT's at this garage which should read MOTs at this garage

Good old APS, the kind of policing up with which I will not put.

16th Jun 2008, 21:32
the companies' logos

Sure about that? :hmm:

16th Jun 2008, 21:44
Yes, it means "the logos belonging to the companies" and is acceptable, i.e. the companies' logos.

Welcome back Rainboe and welcome back to your annoying habit of making me think, "...hmmm, he might have a point there!" :ok:



17th Jun 2008, 07:59
Err. Wrong.

If you use a regular plural noun ending in ‘s’, you simply add an apostrophe.

If the plural noun is irregular, like 'children' or 'women', you add apostrophe s (’s), as you would for singular nouns.

Companies is plural. Companies' logos is wrong. Companie's logo is right.

17th Jun 2008, 08:12
One company, two companies. It's not an irregular noun like "children". There are many nouns ending in -y with their plural being -ies; they are quite regular and therefore, companies' logos is correct.

In order to get this right, the method I was taught was to place the expression with, "the .... belonging to the .....".

So, in your example with companie's, this would mean, "the logos belonging to the companie" which is clearly wrong.

If one said, "the children's balls", it would mean "the balls belonging to the children".

Therefore, companies' logos is correct and companie's logos is wrong. Please look it up if you don't believe me.



17th Jun 2008, 08:14
Companie's logo is right.

There's no such thing as a companie.

17th Jun 2008, 08:15
If one said, "the children's balls", it would mean "the balls belonging to the children".

Should that be childrens' balls?


17th Jun 2008, 08:17
Should that be childrens' balls?
Nay, nay and thrice nay!!

You can't say, "the balls belonging to the childrens" but you can say, "the balls belonging to the children" ergo, "children's".



17th Jun 2008, 08:18
Have I got this right?

"That dog's licking its balls"

"Those dogs are licking their bollox" :confused::confused:

17th Jun 2008, 08:21
Spekesoftly ....yes! The dog IS licking = the dog's licking ...

I will assume, of course, that you do know the correct spelling of bolleaux :} and that modesty and censorship prevented you from typing bollocks?



17th Jun 2008, 08:22
He's been back five minutes and ............. :p

17th Jun 2008, 08:22
Quite right Whirls! :E

17th Jun 2008, 08:40
You can't say, "the balls belonging to the childrens" but you can say, "the balls belonging to the children" ergo, "children's".

Hate to go on Whirls, but it says somewhere on t'internet that

3. In plural possessive terms, place the apostrophe after the "s." This will indicate to the reader that more than one person or thing owns the thing possessed.

Incorrect: The students success was largely attributable to their hard work and dedication.
Incorrect: The student's success was largely attributable to their hard work and dedication.
Correct: The students' success was largely attributable to their hard work and dedication.

So, does that mean that it really is childrens' balls cos there is more than one owner of the balls??
Oh sod it, who cares. What's a misplaced apostrophe between some people who don't know each other on the t'interweb thingy? :E

17th Jun 2008, 08:51
Sorry love, but you're wrong.

The student's books i.e. the book belonging to the student.
The students' books i.e. the books belonging to the students.

The child's balls i.e the balls belonging to the child
The children's balls i.e. the balls belonging to the children.

So, does that mean that it really is childrens' balls cos there is more than one owner of the balls??No, children is already plural; the "s" added on the end of children merely denotes possession, not possession and the plural!!



17th Jun 2008, 08:56
Right, got it now Whirls, cheers for that.
Can I have a gold star or something now? ;)

17th Jun 2008, 08:58
Top of the class Forkandles - prefect badge for you and teacher's pet status!



17th Jun 2008, 08:59
SteveHudd/modelcuirstudios is back!
I'll give him/her/it 4 hours...

17th Jun 2008, 09:05
Phil mate, you need help. Seriously. I know you've been on pprune for years and in the past tried to help you with honest advice on Agony Aunt. Unfortunately, you've not taken it, you've not grown up in those years and you're just irritating everyone.

It's not Pprune, it's not the world, it's you! Thankfully, I haven't a clue what you mean but it won't be long before your new username gets banned. Please take that as a very strong hint.



17th Jun 2008, 09:19
No Phil, this thread was a good-humoured welcome for Rainboe, then a discussion in apostrophe use UNTIL you made some gratuitously unpleasant comments about one of the posters. It was not called for, it was not welcome, it was not funny. THAT is why you've got so many people's backs up.

Bye bye Phil .... and counting!!



17th Jun 2008, 09:31
Oh my word! What have I starte'd? Can I make you all Apostrophe Police Deputie's (I'm doing it to tease).

The one that really gets my goat is the free use of there, they're, their. It's not like we're dealing with German where there's 6 ways of saying 'a' (ein, eine, einer, einen, einem, eines.......I think). Or we do that weird French habit of sexing everything, even trains! English is simple in other ways. There is really no excuse and it means miscreants have wasted MY tax money on their totally wasted education in favour of learning spray graffiti art and knife combat. So how heavily should one descend from a great height?

Phil, you're a lost cause, mate!

17th Jun 2008, 09:37
Rather like the misuse of capital letters too. :=

Solid Rust Twotter
17th Jun 2008, 11:19
Well spotted Whirls.:ok:

What gave it away...?:}

17th Jun 2008, 11:23
Oh, you know, let's just call it feminine intuition! ;)



Mac the Knife
17th Jun 2008, 11:51
Welcome back.


17th Jun 2008, 12:10
Apropos apostrophes.

My local pub has a chiller cabinet where they display their collection of Auntie Rosemary's Puddings*. The landlady had some metal signs made up to give the name and ingredients for the puds and on these signs EVERY word that ends in "s" has an apostrophe in front of it (e.g. "Bailey's Cheesecake" or 'Raisin's"). (The Landlady did instist that the apostrophe in "Bailey's" was correct, until we pointed out the label on the bottle behind her).

* Made by the landlady's Auntie Rosemary. The only thing I will say about them is she must hate men because I've never yet met one who could stop eating them before he nearly exploded. The cream one's (which most are) are instant heart attack material.

And welcome back Rainboe.

17th Jun 2008, 12:11
Thanks for the Welcome back :p

And Baileys Well: Tell me you are in a shop selling between Baileys and tia Lusso...Both Creme Liquors... Which is the best and why?

I leave you with that one :)

And Whirls I gave myself away on purpose...I could have been normal like post 1 that I made when I re-registered and I would be normal but that guy worked me up :)

Effluent Man
17th Jun 2008, 12:19
As a relative newcomer I've not had the experience of Rainboe.I must say Sir you sound an admiral sort of chappie.Maybe we should found a Pedant's Corner.

17th Jun 2008, 12:45
Effluent Man, please, Rainboe is not the only pedant; there are more of us! Therefore, it should be Pedants' Corner. :} :ok: See me after class please. :p

Phil, I had my suspicions when I read your post on humidity and density but let it go as it was not an unreasonable question.



Effluent Man
17th Jun 2008, 12:57
Mmm,after class you say? Not quite sure who is teasing whom!

17th Jun 2008, 13:00
"Dang me! Dang me!
They oughta take a rope an' hang me!
Hang me from the highest treeeeeeeeeee!"
Woman, would you weep for me?"

18th Jun 2008, 15:16
He really is back, and cookin' ! :p


Hagbard the Amateur
18th Jun 2008, 15:47
Hi Rainboe,

Couldn't resist. We live in a digital age where information is created and transmitted more quickly than scrawling on a Post-it note. That is the rhythm. We approach internet communication in a different way than if we were writing, shall we say, an essay. Maybe there are contributors out there who would not even consider writing a grammatically correct essay anyway. Maybe, if the net didn't exist, they might not be writing at all.

Bulletin text on the net is closer to the relatively imprecise approach to face to face conversation. We break rules all the time when we are chatting face to face. The ultimate test is "did I understand the message?" - if you did - the communication was successful. If you didn't - you have a point.

Taking the English language as an example - it is forever in flux and has been for at least 400 years, encompassing new words from all the places the British visited and of course, who visited us. Also, we don't have the second largest vocabulary for a language next to Mandarin for nothing. OK - I concede that this has nothing to do with punctuation but I reckon changes and perceived errors are going to continue as the language continues to evolve while people are typing.
For example: How are you on correct use of colons or semi-colons? It's pretty much an arbitrary issue these days amongst journalists, authors, sub editors and academics.

It evolves for fair or foul.

OK - rant over

You might want to check how we are bending the English definition rules based on a Douglas Adams concept in the Pprune "Meaning of Liff" thread on Jet Blast.


Hagbard - (amongst other things - a qualified teacher of English.)

Sailor Vee
18th Jun 2008, 16:33
The child's balls i.e the balls belonging to the child
The children's balls i.e. the balls belonging to the children.The first is OK, the second could be regarded as sexist;as more than likely 50% of the children will not have balls! :E

18th Jun 2008, 16:49
All is evolution. At one time, I believe there was no word "preventative".
The "correct" word was "preventive". Usage made it so. Saying "dissect" with a hard "i" is incorrect; tell that to the 87% of english speakers who are ignorant of the pronunciation. Language develops as culture commands; the word-nazi is as the rust on the bearings of progress.


18th Jun 2008, 17:21
Pick the bones from this English teaser.....

A farmer sows seeds, a seamstress sews clothes. Both these people make a living s????? how is this spelt?


18th Jun 2008, 19:00
'T signals a low turn when irascibility and aggressive antagonism are indulged under the guise of linguistic correctness, taste or literacy. Pandering to the baser instincts of the crowd, 't were.

19th Jun 2008, 10:15
No, it's reminding people that after spending most of their first 18 years or so wasting my tax money on an 'education', they are still illiterate and uneducated, and can't spell basic words, and pray could they tell me why GB took so much off me to produce that? Everybody is given an education. It simply means they haven't bothered learning the basics, so why should they come here and flaunt their ignorance in my face? When you communicate, you are trying to get your meaning across. I don't like having to read sentences two or three times to try and understand what an illiterate is trying to say because he has used the wrong versions of words several times in one sentence and it just doesn't make sense.

Another irritation is QANTAS. this is an airline person's website. Correct someone who is so ignorant they don't know how it is written, after all Australia is a big and close (in emotional terms) place to the UK, and you will get abuse.

These days, the ignorant revel in their ignorance, and attack you for trying to correct them:

Oh not again!
Please, please, please, please can people begin getting their name right:
Please, please, please, please can people begin getting their name right:

How can you get so would up about something so trivial ???

Get a life.
ManofMan is offline Report Post Reply

If I ran this website, I would expel people for that! Ignorance seems to be a right these days.

19th Jun 2008, 10:53
I wonder what you would do to Hell Pirate for this post (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showpost.php?p=4188826&postcount=38) of his... :uhoh:

19th Jun 2008, 11:24
A farmer sows seeds, a seamstress sews clothes. Both these people make a living s????? how is this spelt?

Tee - Aitch- Eye-Ess

19th Jun 2008, 11:56
BombatD- I actually had palpitations reading that (or trying to read it). Illiterate, ignorant, and really so obscure in meaning I don't think it's understandable exactly what he was trying to say anyway. You so quickly get a clue that the content is not even worth reading!

Have you noticed the real illiterates so often indulge in these repulsive Smiley-things, littering their prose? I'm never sure what there (joke one!) meant to add to the experience. (making that howler actually makes it hard to scan- youo have to re-read it).

This forum needs Rules!
Real Grammar Howlers- post deleted until correctly submitted.
QUANTAS- banning for a week
'Hanger' for 'hangar'- post deleted (this is an aviation website, remember)

And as for the people who make up a new thread title and bodge up the spelling without even checking what they typed! Why should you even read it?

Typographical errors excluded.

19th Jun 2008, 12:37
Bombay Duck,

Enough is enough.

Hell pirate clearly has problems.

A couple of months ago a thread was started by a member suffering from cancer. That thread now has over 1000 posts and 50+ pages, all supportive and encouraging as they should be. In the past couple of weeks diabetes, stroke and heart problems have had an airing. As one would hope these have all been treated seriously, not the butt of jokes, and not the subject of ego boosting insults.
However, it seems to me that there is a nest of vipers out there poised to strike at the first hint of mental instability as happened about 24 hours ago in this thread.
Hell Pirate may be an illiterate twit. His masterpiece may have had chemical assistance, but it is just possible that that the thread's title coupled with the suggestion that he has been there may explain the whole bloody mess, and until it's established otherwise, he should get the benefit of any doubt
I note that in the original thread his post passed without comment. I submit things should have stayed that way.

Now, where can I misplaice an apostrophe


John Marsh
19th Jun 2008, 14:28
The teaching of English has been eroded by such 'enlightened' concepts as 'Learning by Osmosis'. This is based on the premise that children can absorb skills which used to be taught.

I regard myself as fortunate, in that I was taught and encouraged by two excellent English teachers. I have also benefited from a family environment which values books. I was able to use public libraries for homework and recreational reading; nowadays, libraries are becoming more like venues for web surfing, socialising and renting DVDs.

Are there enough English teachers with even the basic skills? Should children be encouraged to type/text/play video games less and read more?

(Now should it be 'benefited' or 'benefitted'?):bored:

19th Jun 2008, 14:50
Modern day teachers aren't that wonderful outside the classroom either.

There's a Junior/Infant school just round the corner from me. Every year at around this time, my road fills up with fluorescent kids and teachers on a cycling proficiency thing.

Just watched them for about ten minutes while they were sending the kids down the road, one at a time. Not one of those kids looked behind them before wobbling out into the road!

'Must be OK 'cos teech said I could go'.

19th Jun 2008, 19:59
Ah! A proper pedantic Jet Blast thread just like those in days of yore. Welcome back toxic moisture repelling fluid. :)

Its great to have you're efferts to keep our puncturation and spelling up too scratch, and all. :ok:

19th Jun 2008, 21:25
Bombay Duck asked what we would "do" about a particular post. Well, depending on my mood and wine consumption, I could say,

Well when I was in Afgan I was trading poppy's for sam's
Poppy'd WHAT for Sam's WHAT? Knickers for dope?

However, my reaction was that I couldn't be bothered to decipher the post to determine what the poster was actually trying to say. He may well have had some valid points to raise but, sadly, they were lost on me. Respect is not a right, it has to be earned.



19th Jun 2008, 22:08
Having spent forty five years of my life engaged in aviation, an international industry in which the Lingua Franca is fractured English, I think I can help here. The chap said that when he was in Afghanistan he traded raw opium for surface-to-air missiles.

20th Jun 2008, 00:18
just like those in days of yore

Shouldn't that be you're? Or your? Or yaw? Or...


20th Jun 2008, 19:51
Your'n ... yawn

20th Jun 2008, 20:08
Now should it be 'benefited' or 'benefitted'?It is benefited.

The rule is:
The official requirements are that we ‘double a single consonant letter at the end of any base where the preceding vowel is spelled with a single letter and stressed’.

As the stress in 'benefit' is on the first syllable, not the one prior to the 't' it is not doubled.

(see also 'focused' and 'targeted')

ooooooh....I love pedantic word and grammar rants

barry lloyd
20th Jun 2008, 20:41
'Hanger' for 'hangar'- post deleted (this is an aviation website, remember)

Well said, Rainboe. It never ceases to amaze me how few people in the business can spell this word properly. As I was taught many years ago, hangErs are for clothes, hangArs are for aircraft.
Also, condolences. A word which, sadly, appears all too frequently on PPRuNe. Yet few people seem able to spell this word properly, and given the circumstances under which it is usually employed, it has an insincere ring to it when it is incorrectly spelt.

20th Jun 2008, 20:41
Lordy be...some of you are a bit anal....could use your bums to sharpen a pencil. :}

20th Jun 2008, 21:00
Right on point!

20th Jun 2008, 21:14
Not to be confused with, write on point. :}

(stop me before I kill....)

20th Jun 2008, 21:21
Another regular chestnut: turbulance.

21st Jun 2008, 00:38
Trouser turbulance is worst especially in the cockpit.

21st Jun 2008, 01:48
English as she is spoken..errr...written. :eek:

The wind was rough
And cold and blough,
She kept her hands inside her mough.
It chilled her through,
Her nose turned blough,
And still the squall the faster flough.
And yet, although
There was no snough,
The weather was a cruel fough.
It made her cough
(Please do not scough);
She coughed until her hat blough ough.

A tip of the hat to Bennett Cerf.

21st Jun 2008, 14:19
Another howler that stalks the corridors or Terms and Endearment striking fear into the hearts of the educated is when people write about their work conditions and their........renumeration! It is funny, I think it means getting 'renumbered', when they are trying to talk about remuneration as in 'getting paid'.

Why does a gentle correction always lead to incredible abuse back, instead of 'whoops- silly me!'? There is even one culprit in this thread. They think people are being pedantic instead of themselves looking stupid.

21st Jun 2008, 15:12
Rai, while I have disagreed with most of your views (not all, vaguely recall something about cockpit-cabin relations where we saw eye to eye ;) ) over the years, when it comes to use of the English language, you're my main man. :D

Thanks to you, Whirls, Velvet Strokes and many more of your ilk, my English has improved immeasurably.

You all have my gratitude for being pedants. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v479/flapsforty/biggrin3.gif

21st Jun 2008, 15:16
You all have my gratitude for being pedants. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v479/flapsforty/biggrin3.gif

Now if that's not a back handed complement, I don't know what is.

21st Jun 2008, 16:44
Really quite alimentary, Watson!

21st Jun 2008, 17:00
back handed - I saw it first:ok: Com'on Rai - where4 art thou? Juud needs you. Good game this.

Captain Airclues
21st Jun 2008, 21:21
This list was last posted on Jet Blast on 9th June 1999. It might be worth publishing it again so as to assist the grammar police.

Verbs has to agree with their subjects.
Prepositions are not words to end sentences with.
And don’t start a sentence with a conjunction.
It is wrong to ever split an infinitive.
Avoid clichés like the plague (They’re old hat).
Also, always avoid annoying alliteration.
Be more or less specific.
Parenthetical remarks (however relevant) are (usually) unnecessary.
Also too, never, ever use repetitive redundancies.
No sentence fragments.
Contractions aren’t necessary and shouldn’t be used.
Foreign words and phases are not apropos.
Do not be redundant; do not use more words than necessary; it’s highly superfluous.
One should NEVER generalize.
Comparisons are as bad as clichés.
Don’t use no double negatives.
Eschew ampersands & abbreviations, etc.
One word sentences. Eliminate.
Analogies in writing are like feathers on a snake.
The passive voice is to be ignored.
Eliminate commas, that are, not necessary. Parenthetical words however should be enclosed in commas.
Never use a big word when a diminutive one would suffice.
Kill all exclamation points!!!
Use words correctly irregardless of how others use them.
Understatement is always the absolute best way to put forward earth shaking ideas.
Use the apostrophe in it’s proper place and omit it when its not needed.
Eliminate quotations. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “I hate quotations”.
You’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a thousand times: Resist hyperbole; not one writer in a million can use it correctly.
Puns are for children, not groan readers.
Go around the barn at high noon to avoid colloquialisms.
Even IF a mixed metaphor sings, it should be derailed.
Who needs rhetorical questions?
Exaggeration is a billion times worse than understatement.
Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

21st Jun 2008, 21:34
Allow me a couple of alterations:-
Comparisons are as bad as clichés.
Eschew ampersands & abbreviations, etc.

21st Jun 2008, 22:27
Love i't! Thats completely and utterly the mostest blissful thing Ive read ever!

22nd Jun 2008, 01:01
Such joy! Pays back some for thofse long hours, churning the crank.

For the dunnado list, add, perhaps, a stricture especially for the non-Euclidians:

Nugatory nuances are nearly never not neat, non?


22nd Jun 2008, 01:41
To the judge’s smart comment, the counsel snapped back: “Weel eneuch!”
Said the judge, “In the South we say ‘That’s ‘Well enough'";
"For here, Mr Scott, the letters 'ough' they say 'uff'; not 'euch': they always say 'uff'”!
“Thenks tae ye!, m’laard”, replied Mr Scott: “Tae be sure I ha’e that clear eneuch”.
“M’laard”, he went on, “The case is on land, five pluff-gait o' land .........”
“Mr Scott!” said the judge, “What is meant by a pluff-gait of land?”
“A pluff-gait”, said Scott, “Maist a'body kens, is the land a guid pluffman can pluff in the ae day”.

For the story of an early post-Union (1707) civil appeal to the House of Lords, a tip of the hat to Lord Cockburn.

For the version in verse, a tip of the hat to Davaar. Not bad, Huh?

22nd Jun 2008, 01:53
Masterfylly plewed!

22nd Jun 2008, 02:12
That was candy for the baby, wasn't it?

Will Hung
22nd Jun 2008, 08:29
The one that makes me want to start swinging punches is when people say "PACIFICALLY" instead of SPECIFICALLY.

Have a nice Sunday. or should that be sundae ?

22nd Jun 2008, 10:11
The one that makes me want to start swinging punches is when people say "PACIFICALLY" instead of SPECIFICALLY.

Only Del Boy speaks like that, doesn't he? Bain-Marie...

west lakes
22nd Jun 2008, 14:37
Have a nice Sunday. or should that be sundae

Unless it's sundae Sunday or a Sunday sundae :\

22nd Jun 2008, 15:10
The one that makes me want to start swinging punches is when people say "PACIFICALLY" instead of SPECIFICALLY.

Or peacefully even. BTW WTF is wrong with back handed. Is backhanded more better?

22nd Jun 2008, 17:28
Back-handed would be betterest.

22nd Jun 2008, 18:01
Another goodie that makes my eczema start playing up is the use of 'would of' instead of 'would have'. It's cringemaking! These people have really been spending all their sorry lives believing that is an official English expression......'because that's how I say it, like!'

Sad, ignorant gits! I pay taxes for that? What possible excuse can they have?

west lakes
22nd Jun 2008, 18:15
Of course it doesn't stop at the spelling and grammar.
The number of times that I see comments made about written information that make it obvious that the "readers" (the inverted commas are deliberate to emphasize the sarcasm) actually have difficulty understanding correctly written English make me want to weep.

22nd Jun 2008, 20:05
As I posted elsewhere in JB, in my local paper:-

"Photocopies of this coupon not excepted"

Now you could have a bit of fun there!

22nd Jun 2008, 20:46

and, what REALLY annoys myself is the dreadful misuse of the personal reflexive pronoun.

and, that AWFUL business reporter Robert Peston on the BBC Today programme who is unable to phrase, or stress words and syllables, correctly.

22nd Jun 2008, 20:50
"Me, myself personally, at this moment in time . . . "

22nd Jun 2008, 22:04
An old chestnut that sets my aged gentlemanly father off EVERY single time (retired prep school headmaster, teacher of the English language [or should that be tutor?] alongside History, Latin and the Scriptures) is on the occasions that we receive a wedding invitation stating the daughter of Mr and Mrs Joe Bloggs is getting married TO Mr John Doe.

Hasty scuttlings of various family members from all available room exits to the sound of his walking stick pounding on the flagstone kitchen floor and the refrain of "WITH dammit! WITH! WITH! WITH! One doesn't get married TO, one gets married WITH!!"


22nd Jun 2008, 22:08
This is getting scary. I'm starting to think Rainboe is one of the good guys.


22nd Jun 2008, 22:12
How did he respond to mention of, say, an RAF officer's "hat" (i.e., that blue circular cap decorated at the front with a badge and a peak?

Will Hung
23rd Jun 2008, 09:59
A "Hat" is any member of HM Army who is not a member of the Parachute Regiment.

23rd Jun 2008, 12:34
"Hats"!: we learn something new every day. Interesting.

Mind you, I had it on the authority of the brother that in the British army (or "pongoes") the name for the Parachute Regiment is "psychopaths", or was that just the SAS? And is said army not a Parliamentary force as opposed to "HM army"? What of the illegality of a standing army in time of peace, and the Army (Annual) Act?