View Full Version : Winner of the Apprentice 2008 (UK)?

11th Jun 2008, 09:50
SO who is it going to be then?

11th Jun 2008, 09:58
You mean someone cares?

11th Jun 2008, 10:32
Amstrad, Viglen & Alain Shergar always seem to do quite well out of it.:rolleyes:

11th Jun 2008, 10:47
Should be Claire. Most likely will be that back stabbing to$$er Alex :rolleyes:

Just a reality TV show though, not really a proper search for an employee. Anyone really believe Sir Alan rather than the production team decided there'd be 4 finalists? :hmm:

Sure it earns Sir Alan a bob or two though :D

11th Jun 2008, 10:52
As a former Apprentice who is now a Master of my trade, I resent the improper use of the word "Apprentice". These people are not apprentices, nor is what they are competing for an Apprenticeship. :=

11th Jun 2008, 11:07
After the gorgeous Raef went, I'd like Lee to win but I reckon Sir Alan has a bit of a thing for Claire so she'll get it.

But the stars of the programme must be Nick and Margaret - their expressions are priceless!!



11th Jun 2008, 11:12
Being serious for a change, is there such thing as a real apprenticeship these days?

11th Jun 2008, 12:04
You mean someone cares?

I couldn't agree more

11th Jun 2008, 12:15
Whoever wins it can be safe in the knowledge that they are an apprentice to the man who bought “Billy the Singing Fish” to the world.

BTW - Raef and Lucinda had no hope, regardless of their talent or lack of - and there's a good reason why... You can't buy everything...

Windy Militant
11th Jun 2008, 13:05
is there such thing as a real apprenticeship these days? As far as I know, crayon club er the Modern apprenticeship is not Indentured, there may be a few of the old trade Guilds offering Indentures, but most schemes were killed off by Thatcher PLC as training was not considered to be a vital core business need. :rolleyes:
Which is why your plumber now commutes in by biz jet from Gdansk. :}

DX Wombat
11th Jun 2008, 16:11
I haven't a clue.
Jinks - you are alive! I've tried to contact you. Have you changed your mobile no?

11th Jun 2008, 16:28
FWIW Sugar donates his fee to charity for being on the show. Of course he gets indirect benefit also.

11th Jun 2008, 16:47
I reckon Claire will get it (oooer) - however Alan does seem to have a love hate relationship with her, so I suppose it depends on whether or not she upsets him during the day.

(Womby, as Jinks is now working rather close to (our) home, perhaps we ought to arrange a minibash!!)

11th Jun 2008, 18:26
I think the question should be;
Will the winner stay?

I've been told, (but I can't verify the fact) that the winner of the first series, (TIm?) who seemed to be a genuine and deserving winner, is the only one who has actually coped and stayed with Sir Alan.

The remainder, IMHO, weren't worthy of a place in a bus queue.

Dick Fisher
11th Jun 2008, 18:39
Whichever t**t wins, both Sugar and the winner deserve each other. I've never seen such a bunch of untalented twonks in my life.

Will I be watching? You betcha!:D

11th Jun 2008, 21:00
Yay, Lee got it!! :ok:



11th Jun 2008, 21:52
Next time you have an interview do an impression of a pterodactyl flying backwards and jobs yours.
Thats what Im talking bout...........t:mad:t

DX Wombat
11th Jun 2008, 22:11
(Womby, as Jinks is now working rather close to (our) home, perhaps we ought to arrange a minibash!!)Definitely! I was getting a bit worried about him.

tony draper
11th Jun 2008, 22:11
From what I have seen of them they are all of a type that I and most people in industry despise,natural born head office lick spittles,seen them turn up at the end of a dozen large projects when all the work is done, and try and claim some brownie points for same or find some ammunition to stab someone at in the back back at head office,they are generally not much use at anything in particular except sucking up and dishing dirt.
Saying that one quite likes Mr Sugar he knows how to treat shite such as they.
IMHO of course

11th Jun 2008, 22:15
If your interested too see what last years winner has been up to near Stansted Airport