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18th Feb 2002, 23:15
When it comes to air travel, the thrill is gone. Flying just isn't fun anymore. But that's more than a morale problem for the nation's airlines -- it's a money problem. The dreadful, humorless state of the aviation industry is keeping them from a recovery...


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19th Feb 2002, 00:34
A very simple yet very accurate article. It expresses my sentiments exactly which is why, as I expressed in another thread, I'm avoiding flying around the USA until they get there act together. Fortunately it's not as bad this side of the ocean. I certainly hope it stays like that.

19th Feb 2002, 00:56
Fortunately it's not as bad this side of the ocean. I certainly hope it stays like that.

What isn't as bad?

Despite what the Low Cost Carriers and even the press in Europe would have you believe, Southwest is an airline with no equivalent in Europe (or America). Southwest is a model for all, but nobody can pull it off - and it's all down to attitude of the employees from top down (and also sensible fare structures for the businessman, on time record, frequency of flights, reward scheme etc).

Security in the US is still of a lower standard and less intrusive than it was before 9/11 in Europe, IMO.! Flying in Europe is extremely frustrating compared to the US.

The article was about how despite the problems one airline is doing well, not that the whole system is broken, and it's all due to employee attitude. Even Southwests ticker symbol sums it up.

19th Feb 2002, 02:40
At least European security people are friendly and don't unnecessarily wield power, since they actually are able to figure out that people get frustrated by having to wait. Europe is by comparison efficient and more practical. US security was and still is a shambles, and personally post-11/9 I believe is more intrusive without achieving anything since those screening still have no intellect and rarely are able to communicate in English (which I would expect in an English-speaking nation).

Israel really in not relevant here IMHO.