View Full Version : Monarch Airlines Gatwick - Skiathos

10th Jun 2008, 19:39
Can anyone please tell me the way to find out which aircraft type is used by Monarch on their LGW - Skiathos flights this summer? Thanks

12th Jun 2008, 21:27
It's almost certain to be the 757. I am not aware of any of the 320/1's going in there over the last few years.

Hope that helps.

13th Jun 2008, 13:36
With that lot I'd be content with anything with a pair of Jet Engines and passenger seats, which can deliver you, your family and baggage anywhere close to the time of your planned travel... and consider yourself lookey... :ugh:

Captain Lampshade
19th Jun 2008, 14:59
Travelled back a few weeks ago on B757