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9th Jun 2008, 18:20
I am 31, I am a physics teacher and I hate my job. I hate teaching students who simply donít want to be taught.
Flying was always my dream. I have been building model planes, flying PC flight simulators and looking up every time I heard the plane since I remember. Thatís why I started to think that maybe it is the right time to change my career and become a professional pilot. I earn about 28K p.a. my wife doesnít work and I have a 2 years old daughter. After all the bills I have got about 600 quid a month and I know that it is not muchÖ I hope that you share your opinion with me about following things:

I know form this forum that my age is not a big issue. But with my salary training will take ages and age will become a problem. What do you think?
I know that road to became a pilot is long and difficult. I also know that it is difficult to find the job after all effort and training. Are the chances for an employment getting lower and lower every year? What are perspectives for the future?
I would like to stay at school and do a modular course in my free time (weekends, holidays) does it sound like a good plan and is it possible?
My salary is quite low and I am afraid that I will not be able to pay for the training. I donít own a house to secure a loan. I was thinking that I will do PPL from my savings and then take a loan (if any bank will give me one) to continue training. What do you think about this plan?
What would you do if you would be in my position? Would you start training or would you stay in school doing job you hate but which gives you some security?
Please share with me your personal opinion.
Thanks in advance.

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