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9th Jun 2008, 12:37
Just been having a look through this wonderful idea of open government and happened upon the rejected petitions part of the site. Always worth a look, for a laugh if anything else.

Whilst perusing at my leisure, having a quiet chortle, I fell across this little gem.....

We the undersigned petition the prime minister to just go now

It was proposed by one Guido Fawkes of the Gunpowder plotters ( I imagine a made up name). This in itself is amusing, the reply is astounding

This petition has been rejected because:

It contained party political materialAdditional information about this rejection:
This has been rejected on the grounds of including Party political material. It also relates to an ongoing criminal investigation.

An On-going criminal investigation????? Are the met really THAT slow?????

tony draper
9th Jun 2008, 13:24
From what one recalls of one's history lessons the chaps in those days din't need no 42 days to get old Guido to spill the beans either,couple of hours,full confession.

9th Jun 2008, 17:07
...couple of hours,full confession. You're a bit behind the times Drapes: we're down to just 45 minutes these days...! :rolleyes: