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9th Jun 2008, 08:33
The last time this task was attempted in 2004, it got a measly 6 replies.
I reckon by incorporating a favourite sporting event/moment might just give it a chance this time. But possibly not.

Mine is the moment Ole Gunnar Solskjśr stuck out his leg and made ze Germans all cry 'n' that in 1999 to complete the historic treble. :ok:

Anyone else care to reminisce?

Howard Hughes
9th Jun 2008, 08:41
My least favourite footballing moment (of the round ball variety), was when that damn azzure shirt took a dive and put us out of the semi final...:{

Are we above Mr Draper yet?

PS: Have you got a spa in here?;)

9th Jun 2008, 08:47
In a thinly veiled attempt at reaching the magical 6 posts target, I am sorry to inform you Mr Hughes that we don't have a spa.
But we do have topless barmaids serving cocktails during happy hour, with 'Only Fools and Horses' on the telly. It's 'Jolly Boys' Outing' at the mo'.

Howard Hughes
9th Jun 2008, 08:58
Well we seem to have reached the pinacle, perhaps it's all down hill from here!;)

Reminds me of Eddie the Eagle, Circa 1990 was it?


9th Jun 2008, 09:13
Right, seeing as they're my rules you can have a least favourite sporting moment, like wot HH has done. Mine was seeing this hideous spectacle... :sad::yuk:


Howard Hughes
9th Jun 2008, 09:21
Jesaulenko you beauty!:ok:


Six posts, my work here is done!;)

PS: I'll be back if I see Drapes get in front....:E

tony draper
9th Jun 2008, 09:41
One thought you wudden stay right up there for long, one has read that all you aviator types are actually terrified of heights,Ha! big sissies.

Howard Hughes
9th Jun 2008, 11:01
How correct you are Mr D!;)

24th Nov 2009, 10:33
I know I'm flogging a dead horse resurrecting this, but have seen this a few times this season and made me chuckle...


So the rules are changed again to include mildly humorous banner at sporting events.