View Full Version : Congestion charging ....PC Manchester version !

Krystal n chips
9th Jun 2008, 06:10
Not often I agree with a Tory, but in this instance she is right.....ahem...are you listening Gordon ?.....probably not !.....anyway, as a method of screwing 's out of people, this one is in a class of it's own :rolleyes:.....not so much for those entering the City itself....more for those who simply have to cross the M60 at some point to work in what, in effect and unlike the London version, remain the suburbs....so that would be an extra 20 pw for example to commute from one side of Stockport to the other ......:ugh:....just wondering if it counts....and no doubt it will....it you use the M60 to get from A-B without actually crossing it ?.......either way, when Gordon is the "ex PM", it may occur to him, and the rest of the clinically brain dead acolytes that if you alienate a considerable number of voters, you won't get elected......:ugh:...there again.....


9th Jun 2008, 11:50
Well - if its the one and only way to get rid of prats like Millipede and our own "now you see him now you don't" Val Parnell - it might be worth it.

The Congestion Charge's first victim - Wodger Jones - is apparently appealing to the Electoral Commission that someone backed by big business set up against him and got elected.

Listen - NuLabor - its called democracy and you don't control the whole stack!