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9th Jun 2008, 01:51
Have to laugh. (http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-wellbeing/health-news/threat-of-world-aids-pandemic-among-heterosexuals-is-over-report-admits-842478.html)

Lydia Dustbin
9th Jun 2008, 02:13
That is very very funny, you couldn't make it up.

On a serious note concerning the article, it appears the Dr is by name as by nature. He says

The biggest puzzle was what had caused heterosexual spread of the disease in sub-Saharan Africa with infection rates exceeding 40 per cent of adults in Swaziland, the worst-affected country but nowhere else.

"It is the question we are asked most often why is the situation so bad in sub-Saharan Africa? It is a combination of factors more commercial sex workers, more ulcerative sexually transmitted diseases, a young population and concurrent sexual partnerships."

Well i could have saved them years and millions. Why such a high rate of aids in Swaziland?

From the US department of state

n rural areas. A large Roman Catholic presence, including churches, schools, and other infrastructure, continues to flourish

So the connection. High Aids rate, Swaziland, flourishing Roman Catholic communities??????? Because the pope still doesn't permit the use of condoms. End of story, mystery solved.

9th Jun 2008, 02:31


Impress to inflate
9th Jun 2008, 02:36
The head of the Catholic church in East Timor (A Catholic state) has told the population that using condoms will give you cancer !! The di%k head should be charged with murder !!!!!

9th Jun 2008, 03:20
Lydia...no doubt, you've hit on the connection. Third world countries entrenched in the Roman Catholic doctrines don't stand a chance against the epidemics of over population and health risks associated with sexual activity.

I wish the church would recognize the obvious. Abstinence will never be the answer since God gave us hormones.