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8th Jun 2008, 19:45

Planning a trip from the UK to BKK later in the year and the cheapest economy fare keeps coming up Kuwait Airways through KWI. Has anyone else experienced their service and can advise on timekeeping, etc, and also what KWI is like to spend 4 hours of one's time? Skytrax seems to have mixed reviews.


9th Jun 2008, 02:24
In my view Kuwait Airways is the worst airline in the region and I avoid them like the plague and as for KWI there is nothing to do at all and insufficient seating for the passengers.

I cannot comment on time keeping but the planes are drab and the service generally poor.

Others may disagree but this is my opinion and I base it on over 60 flights so far this year.

9th Jun 2008, 04:06
I think if I had been avoiding them like the plague, I wouldn't have clocked up 60 flights with them in a year !

9th Jun 2008, 11:26
Travelled to India with them through KWI - and very much what I would call an okay airline - nothing to single them out. Only thing to remember they are a 'dry airline'.

9th Jun 2008, 12:17

Find a.n.other.

We screwed up our flights to Bangkok for our honeymoon and the only availability was with Kuwait.

Picture the sceen on the return flight as the plane went to take off (about 1.00 local time). I'm in a window, over wing, seat.

As plane gets up to speed there is a very loud BANG and flames shoot out of one engine.
The captain slams on the brakes, but evidently realises he is past the braking point, and then suddenly SLAMS on the power on the remaining engines.....the plane crawls into the air and only just clears the fence at the end of the runway.

I swear that we were so low that I could see people looking out of their appartment windows mouthing the Thai equivalent of "What The F**K?"

The captain comes over the speakers in a very "correct" Engish accent.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have experienced a technical problem. We will shortly be jetisoning our fuel and returning to Bangkok International Airport. Please do not worry but be prepared to adopt the Brace Position and to leave the aircraft quickly if directed by your crew. Thank you for flying Kuwait Airways today".

The loudspeakers then reverted to Arabic Language prayers. The two stewardesses I could see were crying with fear. The Arabs were all praying, and the Brits were all saying "I wonder what is the matter, this is really inconvenient" etc :)

We were stuck in Bangkok for three days with no information. The airline would not allow us phone calls home at their expense (pre mobile days). They said they would fax or call if we suppled the numbers, they lied...they never did.

We were then stuck in Kuwait in a pseudo prison hotel (beyond dreadful) and again no info and blatent lies from any/all airline staff. They threatened us with being stuck there even longer if we dared to complain or contact the British Embassy.

Eventually...no compensation, no goodwill.....and no chance of them ever seeing a /$/ of my money, or any of those other passengers too.

ALL the staff we came into contact with were rude, all lied most of the time.

It was a while ago I grant you....but even without our experience the reputation of Kuwait and Kuwaities is not good in the Gulf...and their airline is widely viewed as the worst.

9th Jun 2008, 14:07
Looks like a mixed bag.

I've used them for internal flights having used BA/Royal Jordanian to get to/from the region.

No issues from my point of view and the lounge at KWI is a reasonable place to spend 4 hours.

Only thing to watch from my point of view is time of year and schedule changes. I've twice had a booked flight moved from am to pm or vice versa.

9th Jun 2008, 16:58
Found them very poor over 12 hour delay LHR-JFK no iformation we boarded for 2 hours at one point then captain gave up and disappeared into the night.

Transferred to AA instead as plane was tech.

9th Jun 2008, 21:17
Oh well, I was persuaded by my travelling companions to book anyway! Probably should have looked at the responses beforehand, but hopefully they will live up to their "not too good but not too bad" reputation instead. They certainly don't seem to have the polished performance of Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways and others in the region.

Thank you very much for your advice.