View Full Version : HKG ..Wind effects 6th June

8th Jun 2008, 01:26
If you are reading I would like to get in touch with Crew of BA 747 departed VHHH 25L on Friday 6th June about 1540 UTC. We took off immediately behind you would like to know what your departure ride was like.

throw a dyce
8th Jun 2008, 03:45
Was the wind from the south?

8th Jun 2008, 04:18
Indeed it was

Info X Ray
Dep Rwy25L
Sig WS and Mod Turb Fcst on Dep
Wind 180 deg 15Kt Max 25Kt
Vis 5000m
Cloud Few 800ft Sct 2000ft
Temp 25 DP 23 QNH 1009

throw a dyce
8th Jun 2008, 08:57
Similar sort of day,but landing 07R in single runway days.The inbounds were all over the place.BAW had huge wing drop at about 500ft.SIA wheelbarrowed it,and a lot of go-arounds.It's rotor off the ''Munro'' next to the airport.I bet the lift on the south side of Lantau was brilliant for the paragliders.

10th Jun 2008, 09:12
I don't know about the BA flight but I was pax in and then back out on CX and the wx was atrocious. Not a pleasant ride, +RA, nasty xwind, mod turbulence and judging by an armful of power at about 100', some nasty sheer as well. Kids loved it, Mrs not so sure. Nice job CX 170.

Was delayed several hours outbound as apron ops were suspended due Cb / lightning. As we taxied out, plenty of standing water, well in excess of 3mm. I understand the airport closed shortly after that and that HKG generally had 12" of rain in 24 hours with extensive flooding downtown.