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7th Jun 2008, 22:12
Apologies, but how can some people not have imaginations. Here is a local liespapers result of a survey of how houseowners would name their houses:

10 most popular house names:
1. The Cottage
2. Rose Cottage
3. The Bungalow
4. The Coach House
5. The Barn
6. The Lodge
7. Ivy Cottage
8. Sunnyside
9. Orchard House
10. Woodlands

Is there any other naval person that has a quiet laugh at the unintentional meaning. Or am I just too old?


tony draper
7th Jun 2008, 22:16
Hmmm well as a exe Naval Person one is afraid that has no unintentional meaning for me? but then one was in the proper navy under the Red Duster.
Alus fancied Feckem Hall as a name for my Stately Home.:E

DX Wombat
7th Jun 2008, 22:19
No 2 is pretty but has unfortunate connotations. It is the nickname by which a hospital mortuary is often known. :uhoh:

tony draper
7th Jun 2008, 22:27
Ah! that explains it, under the Red Duster if yer clogs popped at sea they just wrapped yer in a canvas stuck a stitch through yer nose tied a anchor shackle to your heels and flung yer over the side ,we didn't need any mortuaries.

7th Jun 2008, 22:33
Gonna move shortly, the house needs a name. Any suggestions??

7th Jun 2008, 22:37
When we moved to the West Country, the house there was called Windystones (whilst being situated at the edge of a village located at the foot of the Mendips).
Consultation with the local Post Office (which at that time was also the regional sorting office) exacted the reply that we could call our dwelling whatsoever we liked (there was no formal street or numbering system) as they sorted the mail according to the name of the recipient, however they would discourage the use of 'Rose Cottage' as there was a proliferation of them already . . .
When we moved again, the house (which had been a farm) had been renamed in Victorian times to reflect that it was situated within a large orchard, so, yes, it included the word Orchard.
When the outbuildings had been converted into dwellings there was inevitably 'Old Barns' among the names.

BTW, we did rename Windystones (although on reflection it was an apt and pertinent name), after much discussion we settled on . . . . Mornington (though not Crescent - that would have required the complicity of our neighbours ;-)

7th Jun 2008, 22:45
...close by where we used to live, there was a (very) modest semi that rejoiced in the name of ' Black Knight's Hall'. One assumes the occupants had social ambitions beyond their means.

Am also reminded of a story told by Frank Muir that had Attila the Hun calling his retirement home 'Dun Rome In'.

7th Jun 2008, 22:46
The best I can recall was in Bermuda:

J. Bacardi
On The Rocks

7th Jun 2008, 22:53
Close DX.


Beatriz Fontana
7th Jun 2008, 22:54
Place near me in Yorkshire was called "Atto mere".

tony draper
7th Jun 2008, 23:00
When one was on Domestic Maintainence calls one learned to hate house wi names and no numbers,try finding somewhere called Dunrovin wi a small torch on a dark winters night in a road of Identical houses.:uhoh:
Talking of bad names, I recal a tower block in Bradford I think called,
Arthur Scargill House
There's a bit of a furrore going on up here at the mo about a place being called Letch Lane,after some local historian apparently, the dwellers therein are not chuffed as it has norty connertations.

7th Jun 2008, 23:00
Gonna move shortly, the house needs a name. We need more information - setting, type of structure etc etc (unless you'll settle for Hizanhers . . . )

Our first house bore the name Worhoos. FSL will understand.

7th Jun 2008, 23:04
There's an ex-Culdrose pilot who lives in The Acwopolis. It's in Gweek!

And thanks to a fellow Pun-Meister, I live in Rowtree Cottage!! :} I had wanted Squirrel Cottage but that had already been taken; two doors down! EC135 Cottage didn't quite have the same ring but!



Dan D'air
7th Jun 2008, 23:15
Whirls, What about Duncountin?? Or you can have Dunhovrin when I move back to Spain next month!!!!

7th Jun 2008, 23:15
House two doors down is called Primate Palace. Geezer comes out of it every morning looks like a monkey n'all.:ugh:

7th Jun 2008, 23:28
House two doors down is called Primate Palace.Archbishop live there?

7th Jun 2008, 23:38
Geezer comes out of it every morning looks like a monkey n'all.


Union Jack
7th Jun 2008, 23:44
No 2 is pretty but has unfortunate connotations. It is the nickname by which a hospital mortuary is often known. :uhoh:

But going back even further, it was actually what the venereal diseases ward was known as in naval hospitals, allegedly derived from the days at Greenwich Hospital when certain officers went for private treatment at the surgeon's home, Rose Cottage, to avoid the embarassment of having to be treated at the hospital along with the lads.


PS No personal experience you understand, even though I seem to recall that a building called Rose Cottage used to be used as overflow accommodation at Northwood .....

8th Jun 2008, 00:27
My house is called "Hillview" due to the fantastic view to the far horizon three miles away.

But now, thanks to a certain housing developer, "Bovisend" would be more appropriate. Hope the swines go bust. :mad:

Lydia Dustbin
8th Jun 2008, 00:46
"Hillview Not" :)

8th Jun 2008, 00:56
Our first house bore the name Worhoos

Not to do with house names, but usage. When I lived in Italy I had an office in Italy and another in Lugano in Switzerland. After a couple of years my company decided that we needed a bigger office in Lugano so we moved into a block on the opposite side of the road. All of the office and apartment doors in the new block had a small window in them a head hight which could be opened. In joke I said one day to my secretary that these doors made the place look like a brothel. A couple of days later she came into work and said that she had spoken to her mother (a local historian) about what I had said. Her mother said that in the fifties the building had indeed been used for that purpose. The story then went around the subsidiaries in the group and for some time after we had a lot of internal mail addressed to "the Knocking Shop".

8th Jun 2008, 00:56
Saw a house last week (built in 1906) named 'River View' though the woods between the house and the river have precluded that for a couple of decades at least.

BTW - Wor is 'Geordie' for Our . . .

8th Jun 2008, 00:58
"Ill view"? :(

8th Jun 2008, 01:00
Dunviewin' ?



8th Jun 2008, 01:01
The least forgivable was, long ago, in Dunoon:


not remotely rivalled in Dundee by:


8th Jun 2008, 02:03
There's a well known place around my neighborhood--lakefront, that I thought well named. Folks have a grounded outlook on life. BIG sign at the top of the drive.


Leave it to us ,to suffer from lack of romance...

Arm out the window
8th Jun 2008, 04:55
Nottart Hall
Bugger Hall
Slapdash Manor
Beaver Lodge
Hoar House
Schitt House

Come to think of it, my old man used to refer to our farm as the "Buggeroo Pastoral Company", didn't impress Mum at all.

8th Jun 2008, 05:14
! DC, A traditional Oz name is Djabringabeer, or Doodropin Dunroamin Goinfision could use Feckemall I spose

8th Jun 2008, 06:25
Or on a slightly bigger theme, SOWETO (south west township).

8th Jun 2008, 07:23
Just been info'd by an old ex FAA chum that this has a ref to the 'Golden Rivet' given to young stokers:yuk::=

8th Jun 2008, 07:40
but then one was in the proper navy under the Red Duster.

I call a duel!

Starboard-ten is the name of a killick AC at Portland and I know a buffer who called his drop anchor.

Personally I want to call mine pipe down. CINCSHEETS wont allow though:}

Arm out the window
8th Jun 2008, 08:57
How about this one - may even slip past the censors:

Sweetfolk Hall

8th Jun 2008, 09:59
What sort of jerk names their house......

....when you could be namin' ya' shed:)



what more does a man need in life:)

8th Jun 2008, 10:07
Thought that sign was supposed to read 'Dad's Refuge, 2008 - _____' Ginge? :)

Our old pad was called Heatherdown.... :uhoh:

(and a subsidiary to that building was a smaller one called Heatherlea' - lost count of the amount of times we had to remove a graffitied 'k' of the end of the sign..!):rolleyes:

8th Jun 2008, 10:22
Hi C, unfortunately it does get invaded by the flat-d*cks now and again!

Take a look at the "Jardin" thread.:)

8th Jun 2008, 10:23
I rather liked the RAF retiree's near Wyton


A lot of his neighbours thought it was Greek.

But there again there were a few who did know backslang.

8th Jun 2008, 10:54
I'm relatively sure few people would want to move in next door to "House Music" if there is such an abode...

Effluent Man
8th Jun 2008, 11:47
TD Not Mackem Hall then?

8th Jun 2008, 12:45
Think i will just stick with a number......
A better description probably wouldn't help, detached, wall all the way around, no grass, no view, large patio's, good security,no maintenance (to speak of)...
Sounds a bit like a prison, but it ain't..

8th Jun 2008, 14:34
Sixtynine . . .

8th Jun 2008, 15:45
You've just reminded me of a young (15yo) lady I 'borrowed' from the school where I worked to help me with some decorating a house I'd just bought.

It was No.67, "Pity it's not No.69", she said.

8th Jun 2008, 15:49
A Genuine Essex Girl I see.

El Grifo
8th Jun 2008, 20:08
Was in Fuerteventura checking out some English owned, rental Villas last week. One was called " Vista del Mar" and another "Casa con Vista"

How limited does ones imagination have to be to come up with names like that ?

God knows what the locals think.

Sounds more like estate agent descriptions than house names.