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Loose rivets
7th Jun 2008, 19:08
Don't worry, One will not snub One's old friends.

Spent a few days in the top left hand bit of this place. A spiral staircase in the right tower was the only way in...41 steps. They said not suitable for old folk or nippers, so the American lot pushed me up while dragging the littleuns behind.

Seriously nice. I did some waving to the ordinary mortals from a Tudor window...One could get used to a stately home. At tea time everyone else went, there was not a soul in sight, just breathtaking.

If ever life returns to normal, I'll post some pics of the deer etc., pretty tame, got some real close up shots.

I'm quite sold on the National Trust concept. Has anyone else had such a break recently? And where is a good place to go with large family?


tony draper
7th Jun 2008, 19:34
In Tudor times that top left hand window in that tower is probably where one poohed out of.:uhoh:
From what one can remember of one's previous life in Elizabethan times think they was called Gardarobes.

Loose rivets
7th Jun 2008, 19:45
Hee hee, that's brought me back down to Earth. Come to think of it, the row of bells on springy things is a good indicator of our status.

7th Jun 2008, 19:46
I'm quite sold on the National Trust concept. Has anyone else had such a break recently? And where is a good place to go with large family?


This little beauty is nearby and is marvellous. I often used to go there in the afternoon on my way to work for some afternoon tea and a stroll in the gardens. A sort of a pre-stress distressor.


7th Jun 2008, 19:53
Weren't you dying to get back to Frinton though?

Krystal n chips
7th Jun 2008, 19:59
Can't quite match that for turrets and location, but as for turrets and service, got to give this place the BIG :ok:...notably the Royal Room and the very unassuming, but fantastic in terms of food, quantity and quality / price, service cafe.


As for the NT however.....went to Rufford Hall last weekend, fascinating place, lovely gardens and a very interesting collection of owls on display...and we met the former residents as well. The place is haunted and, for those of us who are sensitive to such environments, they were clearly present at times. The NT has got it's act together over recent years and stopped trying to be elitist....hence the result in now offering some great places to visit.....overseas readers please take note....get your aŁ$e out of London if you get the chance when visiting the UK and see what else we can offer.

7th Jun 2008, 19:59
Weren't you dying to get back to Frinton though?

I thought most people waited until they got there.


henry crun
7th Jun 2008, 23:02
"Posh for a week" ? I don't think I could manage 30 minutes with her, let alone a week.

7th Jun 2008, 23:32
Loose, you're missing 100+ in Teyuxus

well in Dallas at least, it's probably hotter in your part

Loose rivets
10th Jun 2008, 23:28
one is trying to type on a hospital keyb (touch) and it.s b:mad:y hard to do.

yes, frinton has been perfect for most of the time thatbwe,ve been here...the kids set off for hotsville today...my son told his wife that he couldn,t wait to get out of booring old frinton, but they were all looking at the countryside with a longing i hadn,t seen in their eyes before.
even the littleuns loved the place.

well, i,ll be radiating an atomic force-field tomorrow, should warm up the good old red lion by the end of the week all being well.

now, here,s a thing. there's a house for sale near my son,s house...had me eye on it fo a while, been offered it for 30 k sterling huge garden and garage the size of a viliage hall. just so hard to see why the same thng at home would cost more than 10x as much. twice, yes, but ten times!
but it ain,t home.

rambling a bit, must be the threat of nursie returning with her INVASIVE DEVICE, Cripes! Ah, but it,s being applied by a delightful Colleen...HIP, HIP, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

11th Jun 2008, 05:41

We've stayed in about 10 Landmark Trust places. You get the whole place to yourself.

Kingwear Castle at Dartmouth overlooking the estuary, Fort Clonque on Alderney, Stogursey Castle....

11th Jun 2008, 12:12
Bet you're missing your friend in the fur hat from next door!

And I bet he's missing you.

11th Jun 2008, 18:59

You beat me to it - but don't tell too many about the Landmark Trust or we'll never get a booking:ok:

Loose rivets
11th Jun 2008, 19:24
sounds good...will research when not paying a fortune for use of NHS kit.

know what you mean about not telling folk:rolleyes:

12th Jun 2008, 08:07
Poultry Cottage.... Wortham Manor....... Ty Coch...... Alton Station......

All fantastic, but favourite was Kingswear Castle.