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6th Jun 2008, 17:44
That's when the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/north_east/7439771.stm) is to be held in Portsoy, Banffshire and where the organisers have called for a ban on all whistling: The event, which runs from 20 to 22 June, fell victim to poor weather last year.
Festival chairman Roger Goodyear told BBC Scotland that everyone from dog walkers to over-enthusiastic builders admiring the town's young ladies had been asked to observe the ban.
He explained: "It is an old superstition that if you whistled at sea or near the sea you were actually mocking the devil and he might retaliate by sending gale force winds.

I couldn't figure out why they'd singled out this 'Roger Whittaker' fellow especially though. Until I looked him up. Ah yes, the memories flooded back, he who sang "Durham Town (http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/mediaplayer.asp?ean=625282400722&track=8&disc=1)" and often whistled his way to the finish instead of merely singing the same phrase over and over again like some modern pop stars do...?!

Later, don't ask me why (I was just catching up with UK news on the BBC website) but I then stumbled across this very sad story about a boy in Lytham, Lancashire (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/lancashire/7440593.stm). For some reason I thought Durham and Lytham were in Lancashire (which of course they're not - I checked) although they're not very distant from each other as the UK narrows up towards the border there.

Anyway, I thought that if everyone remembered to, and felt like it, they might want to whistle "Durham Town" occasionally (or even a lot) over the next few weeks. Firstly, because real 'boaters' can read the signs and will always come equipped with oilskins, umbrellas or whatever as required - as the organisers of the show are well aware of. :ok: Secondly, but perhaps primarily, you might spare a moment to reflect on little Joshua and those he left behind. :sad:

6th Jun 2008, 19:36
Not a lot of people knew that Old Durham Town was on the banks of the River Tyne . . .
(though to be fair, he never actually said that it was).

6th Jun 2008, 19:49
Whistling should be banned with the exception of the purposes of rounding up sheep or wimin, depending on which is in short supply.:p

6th Jun 2008, 20:34
Until Friday 20th June (2 weeks from now)...
That's when the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/north_east/7439771.stm) is to be held in Portsoy, Banffshire

That's also when my Virgin Atlantic Engineering apprenticeship interview is!
Just thought i'd add :(

tony draper
6th Jun 2008, 20:49
Did you know that a Cult exists who believe Roger Whittaker is a messenger from God and his songs contain secret revelations for those who, errr know the secret I suppose, one kids you not.
Whistling could indeed earn one a cuff along the earole at sea, old timers didn't like yer whistling as you were calling up the wind,whistling was reserved for such places as the Dolldrums and not to be wasted frivolously.

6th Jun 2008, 22:35
And for those of you in "modern" Britain that need to know....

Q: I'm aware that this is a trivial question but still, I've been told that whistling is haram, is this so? And how about women whistling? Thank you for your answer

Answer: Whistling is not haram for men or women. There is no authentic hadith that prohibits that.


7th Jun 2008, 17:51
Seem to remember from one's youth that chaps who couldn't whistle, or ladies who could, were regarded as possibly "batting for the other team">

And most importantly, 20th June is my birthday! (not a significant one!)

7th Jun 2008, 19:41
Their is another thread on here about what you learned today, well i just learned what tinpis said.......