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6th Jun 2008, 00:15
( Attn mods, this is not a commercial thing, just looking for an informed opinion! )

I am looking for an aircraft (fixed wing [is there any other!]) that has a low stall speed, can land almost anywhere, has a good time aloft, can be fixed by a monkey (pilot) and can take the sort of punisment that 3 Para would wince at!

Any thoughts?
Brat :E

6th Jun 2008, 00:19
fixed wing [is there any other!]

Hmmmm... now let me see .....:}



6th Jun 2008, 00:26
Britten Norman Islander or Optica

6th Jun 2008, 00:41
"Britten Norman Islander or Optica"
The first i agree with, many a noisy, but happy hour in the BN2. 2nd choice, not so sure, just looks odd! Oh, and forgot to mention i want to carry mrs Brat and the six little un's, and luggage, kids DO NOT travel lite! TRIC....:E

6th Jun 2008, 00:45
Solar Wings 180 sqm Scandal with APS and Variable Geometry. Vne 50kts (ignore that), stalls at 13mph, 360 unobstructed vision.

But it's a Hang Glider and the staying up bit has always defeated me.

However, could add a Wasp power unit (eletric start, 3 bladed carbon prop, 3 hour endurance) to fix that.



6th Jun 2008, 00:54
My I introduce the Wittman Buttercup.


Problem is you have to build it.

I built the wing ribs for one in a Causeway Bay apartment a couple of years back when in between jobs.

Arm out the window
6th Jun 2008, 01:41
Plus, you'd be unlikely to fit 8 pax plus luggage in it, unless you're used to travelling on Asian buses, that is.

6th Jun 2008, 02:01
was 8 pax + luggage a requirement ?

6th Jun 2008, 02:08
Got to go for the PZL 30 Wilga then :ok:

I've been loking at them over here- I even saw one once and it's a lot bigger than you'd think.

Designed for parachuting, banner towing, glider towing etc etc with rugged trailing link undercarriage, she also looks like fun to fly.

Just get the rotary version though, not the expensive one with the Lycoming.

6th Jun 2008, 02:27
How about a Slepcev Storch Moose?

Try here:

4 seat with a 360hp radial - take off and land in 200' in no wind, add a bit of wind and you can use a helipad!

6th Jun 2008, 02:30
Piper Super Cub with tundra tyres.


6th Jun 2008, 02:33
Aaaaarrrggghhhh - amazing aircraft. Mate of mine has one in Shreveport.
Slower than a funeral procession and thirsty with the MP14 but lots of fun and very capable.

Yak 18T might be an alternative.

6th Jun 2008, 02:36
Kluge, i'm impressed, big place, nuf said.
and mrs Brat and six, yes, its a req.
Got a bit of time in the wilga ( flying warehouse! ). Great plane if you want to lose a race with a BN2, and the jump step, i could roof my house with a piece of metal that big!!!!
Cron, what the he:mad:l has a VNE of 50kts and still goes forward in a british breeze!

6th Jun 2008, 02:59
Oh, and forgot to mention i want to carry mrs Brat and the six little un's, and luggage, kids DO NOT travel lite! TRIC....

What you need is one of these. You can carry Mrs. Brat and nine kiddies in comfort and style. :D


And if noise is a requirement, this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqcDNvx_H_I) is what it sounds like. They are thirsty brutes however. Figure 28 imperial gallons of 100LL/hr. :eek:

6th Jun 2008, 03:09
Pigboat, Mrs B says :ok: , which is rare! u and me need words! Love the noise, if you build a house near an aircraft movement area, deal with it! No more, off to have snip,Nine kids, for G:mad:D's sake! thats silly!!! TRIC

6th Jun 2008, 03:26

Here (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=260244633226) is just what you are looking for!!

Didn't make the reserve, so I am sure the owner, of this fine example of a flying machine, would consider an offer.

6th Jun 2008, 03:34
CathayBrat - not a big place. Wing ribs aren't that large without spars.
I made them in a converted spare bedroom on a workbench made from two IKEA kitchen benches. Desk top table sander had the vacuum cleaner plumbed into it for dust control ! A/C unit regulated the temp for epoxy glueing operations.

Kept me busy for a couple of mnths. Ribs now in vacuum sealed storage in a Chai Wan storage facility !

This might be an option for you:


Lots of street cred !

6th Jun 2008, 03:41
weido_salt, dont be silly!
Kluge, has to be one of the oddest things i've asked Mrs B about! Thats just ugly, can tell its CCCP. TRIC:E

6th Jun 2008, 03:48
I think its Australian actually - don't forget that they also designed the P76.

6th Jun 2008, 04:10
Kluge, at least the car looks like a car, airtruck, Mrs B not convinced it can fly to the ORIGINAL specs. Also, all subs are missing a REALLY big point!!!!

6th Jun 2008, 05:15
Dunno about anyone else but the specs from CathayBrat sound exactly like the performance specs for the AN2...

I just love this aircraft. Ugly as hell. But really endearing with a great sounding motor up the blunt end. Not to mention room for a nice sized liquor cabinet...


6th Jun 2008, 05:36
Easy Notmy (etc) the colt is just too big, lovely piece of kit, 1200hp radial, nuf said! Mrs B says NO!, women! Is anyone seeing a patten here yet? TRIC:E

6th Jun 2008, 05:43
Yes Mrs B is impossible to satisfy.....like most women

6th Jun 2008, 05:51
Unless the Gippsland GA8 fits the bill - however its not Experimental. the design was influenced by Steve Wittman who designed the Buttercup per earlier post.

If this doesn;t work I suggest a marriage guidance counselor....


6th Jun 2008, 06:04
Fun aloft, easy fixed, low stall speed. Hmmm, let me see now. Would a stall speed of about 10 knots do you? I think this would fit the bill:


6th Jun 2008, 06:29

A Porter might do you well - if you're on a Swiss budget. Get the STOL kit...tis worth every extra rappen / penny.


6th Jun 2008, 06:50
Attn All, Mrs B is like all women, one step ahead of you!!
No one gets it.
Has been 30 yrs to design it
if it's not broke,
dont fix it. love........

6th Jun 2008, 07:54
P76 eh, Senior had one of those when I was but a cub, must have been around '78 he bought it. 'Twas the 4.4 V8 with the four-on-the-floor manual trans, one of only three or four sold in NZ in that particular configuration.

Went like a shower of sh1t (he claims to have taken a Lotus in it once), drank heaps of gasoline, which fortunately was almost free back then. You could put a 44-gallon drum in the boot and close it, and loadwise it would carry a full one.

Clutches weren't that flash, and they were prone to rust. You do still spot the odd one on the road nowadays, but they're few and far between. Engineer in Wanaka had a convertible version which he'd convertibled when I used to call on him in a previous life as a rep, about 12 years ago, don't recall what the running gear was, Chevy I think, but I doubt the original donks would have lasted anyway.

Beautiful big pig of a car :ok:

green granite
6th Jun 2008, 08:04
Air Atlantique will probably have a Dak or 3 available soon :E

blue up
6th Jun 2008, 08:08
From the PL-12 Aitruk website...

The Airtruk is fully aerobatic with a limited load. A number of components such as the tailbooms, tail surfaces, ailerons, flaps, shock absorbers and wheel assemblies are interchangeable.


Paint one in RedBull colours and....

6th Jun 2008, 14:30
C-FUKN on the tail of a sea plane, how appropriate:E:E