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4th Jun 2008, 16:12
I can't understand why a footballer on a current long term contract, who earns a reputed 120,000 a week and has won both the Premiership and Champions League titles with his club would need to make a final decision 'in the next few days' on where he will be playing his football next season.

Let's set the record straight, I'm not a Manure fan. I like football and enjoy watching skillful players but if this story is true (and not just paper talk) then he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself - not that shame and footballer should be said in the same sentence.

If the story is true and he decides to move abroad, mmmm, let me think, hope he breaks a leg in Euro 2008!!

Rant over.

ps I've also just seen a C130 skimming the rooftops, somewhere in sunny Bedfordshire.

4th Jun 2008, 16:34
Leverage dear chap, leverage. One suspects that 120k/week will soon be 150k/week. The worlds gone mad.

I have just seen a Cessna 152 go over the rooftops of sunny Sussex.

4th Jun 2008, 16:35
But is he as productive as a miner with a wheelbarrow?:rolleyes::rolleyes:


4th Jun 2008, 16:39
Ludicrous, Ronaldo isn't half the player that Messi is.

4th Jun 2008, 16:46
I should imagine that Ronaldo has about as much attatchment to Man U as any other big club around europe. At his level and all that that entails, inclusive of 120,000 quid per week (515,000 per month :hmm: ffs :mad:) it really comes down to lifestyle.

Imagine someone of a latin culture being based somewhere where for a lot of the year it's relatively miserable meteorologically speaking and the 'culture' of North-west Ingerland is maybe not for everyone. He can play anywhere, but i'd put my money on Spain or Italy, similar culture to his Portugese (Madeira) home, similar temperament /food/language....

Man U, love them or hate them are one of the top teams, but they are a PROFESSIONAL sports company, where it's all about the money and has been for years. Young Ronaldo is a professional sportsman and has no loyalty (why should he ?) to the club, more than any other. He was paid handsomely and did his best and was successful. I would argue that it in his best interests to do what is best for himself (guided by wise counsel) and that means maximising his earnings and opportunities whilst he's still red hot.

The fact that the Man U fans (90% of which aren't from the UK, let alone the Manchester metropolitan area) it would seem see things as a personal insult to themselves matters not a jot in what will happen regarding their right-winger and his future. Can you (we) even imagine what it must be like to stand in a stadium in front of 100,000 fans chanting for/against you. I'd say that that would distort the way one perceived oneself in the course of daily life.

Let him go if he wants, he's given the reds more than value for money when you compare him to that gaggle of mega-bucks dodos that Chelsea have splashed out on in the last 2 years. He's a gun for hire and he did the business.



Rob Courtney
4th Jun 2008, 17:17
Of course Fergie could do to him what he did to Mark Bosnich (remember him?) when he started messing about. He was supposed to be one of the best goalkeepers in the country but was put into the reserves and left to rot for twelve months.

If they get away with this one then Fergie will know that no player is safe so maybe time to draw a line after all he can afford it, and after all why would Ronaldo want to play for the 10th best team in Europe when he already plays for the best.

By the way Im sure I saw somewhere that a survey proved that United had the most local concentrated fan base than any other perm club, hard to believe I know.

Flap 5
4th Jun 2008, 17:31
Nothing about the European Football Championship 2008 - yet.

So who will you support? :confused:

4th Jun 2008, 17:50
Nothing about the European Football Championship 2008 - yet.

Well to be fair although the title says the above subject it was all about said player and his behaviour in regards to staying or going with Man U.

However if you're asking i'm reluctantly going for ze vaeterland. Although they don't play the most beautiful or inspiring football, the Germans always play solidly and with method football will surely go the distance :8



4th Jun 2008, 18:05
I'm supporting the Netherlands, the Brazil of Europe and they should rightly be everyone's second team.

4th Jun 2008, 18:16
I don't really care who wins Euro 08 and I wont be following any particular team.

Hopefully there will be some good footy, but I'm far from being that bothered about the game now.
You can't touch a player these days without getting booked. :ugh:

4th Jun 2008, 18:16
My money is on Germany to win Euro2008 and at 8-1 from the local bookies which im assured is a good price, so i have put 250 on them.

Rob Courtney
4th Jun 2008, 18:28
Spain this time I think!

4th Jun 2008, 19:23
Portugal to win! :ok::E

4th Jun 2008, 19:53
If they remember to take a striker...

Espana for me. Their luck has just gotta change.

4th Jun 2008, 21:21
Hmmmmm...... wife is Italian so was considering grudging support for Italy - as long as they actually play proper attacking football.

Think I'll be following Oranje though. Lived in Netherlands for 7 years and the Cloggies' ability to celebrate a good football win has to be seen to be believed. Bizarely, keep seeing an absolutely colossal orange banner MARGRATEN behind the goal at each Dutch international - town of just 5,000 where we lived. That's dedicated support. :ok:

Simple fact is though that no team apart from your home team gets you leaping off the couch whenever they score.:{

4th Jun 2008, 21:33
It's twenty years since Marco VB hoofed that volley agaiost Russia. The cloggies trouble is scoring - they don't. Total football? Total pepper the back of the stands!:ok:

Beatriz Fontana
4th Jun 2008, 22:15
Italy on the wane a little but my heart will always be with the Azzuri. Head says Portugal.

4th Jun 2008, 22:37
Hmm, could be a goodcall that. Cavallho is dirty enough, Scolari is good at tourneys, Simao is like a knife with defences & Ronaldo will play in goal, defence, on the wing & make the tea at half time. I reckon if he's in the mood, Ronaldo could win it single handed for them. But, I'll stick my neck out & predict Portuigal out in the semis:E

4th Jun 2008, 23:50
Quote "By the way Im sure I saw somewhere that a survey proved that United had the most local concentrated fan base than any other perm club, hard to believe I know."

Rob, a perm club? Are you referring to that great Liverpool team of the 70s and 80s with the likes of Keegan, Souness etc and their bad example of hair styles?
Some of my best friends (on occasions) are United fans, and they live round the corner from me in Lambeth
Cheers, Sean
PS Germany will win, I know cos I was born there. And if they don't Italy will, and if they don't Portugal will, and if they don't Russia, and if they don't etc etc etc

5th Jun 2008, 08:19
Radio yesterday reported Fergie as saying that, rather than selling him, they'd stick in the stand for a year to watch - and that the owners agreed for similar business reasons as suggested by Rob C above.

Effluent Man
5th Jun 2008, 09:27
Has to be Holland for me.I remember the 74 World cup when the Dutch shot at goal whenever they got a player within ten metres of the penalty area and the term "Cruyff turn" came into vocabulary.Made for a wonderful tournament,spoiled only by the final outcome.

As well as that where I live they are the local team, I live nearer to Ajax than Arsenal!

5th Jun 2008, 11:42
If they can lose the 'major tournament under achievers' title, I'd like to see Spain win. Want to see Portugal dumped at the first hurdle (because of Ronaldo and that dirty little Chelsea s*** Cahvalio, or however it's spelt). Don't be shocked if Holland manage to get somewhere this time round. Can't dismiss the Germans, Italians and Frenchies either.

I know who isn't going to win, Eng****

bar fly
5th Jun 2008, 12:00
By the way Im sure I saw somewhere that a survey proved that United had the most local concentrated fan base than any other perm club, hard to believe I know.

Was it locally concentrated in Asia?

I'm still undecided, I might watch the first games and see who is playing the best looking football and stick with them. I just know that I'm going to be frustrated by the referees punctuating every 5 minutes play with 10 blows of the whistle; and bloody European jessies hitting the deck making Drogba look like a moral player as well.

5th Jun 2008, 12:16
By the way Im sure I saw somewhere that a survey proved that United had the most local concentrated fan base than any other perm club, hard to believe I know.

Actually, thats true...but its more to do with the fact that its the peopl ewho go to Old Trafford week in week out are all from Manchester...mainly because the waiting list has historicallly been so long that any glory hunters post 1997 era wouldnt be able to get tickets. Am sure that will change with the Glazer's price plan for ST's soon enough.

As for Ronaldo, im a huge Man Utd fan, have been all my life and seen many players with quality come and go and scew us over with contracts etc. While it's true that loyalty is no longer synonymous with proffessional fotballers...even in Ronaldo's defence, he ALWAYS said he was going to move to spain in the future...this is not exactly a surprise.

You also have to look at it from his point of view...regardless of money. He has now won everything (bar community shied) with Man Utd...Premiership (twice), FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League. There is not actually anything more for him to win here...also, he is now at his peak...he could never better what he did this last season, im sure he probably knows that so even if he is a better 'player' the fact he wouldnt score 42 goals in a season means he will be seen as a poorer player...it always happens. Also, he is a kid who grew up in Madeira (sp)...Im sure the Manchester weather is not exactly how he was planning on spending his life as a football star...the lure of Madrid/Barca would tempt anyone.

Id hate it for him to go...he's one of best footballer's i'll ever see at OT, but say he has no loyalty or anything...i mean..yeah...why should he??? he isnt a utd fan, he's only been in this country 5 years. He never pretended to be anything other than what he is...so fair enough in my book.

Shame...but thats the way it is, its not his fault..and utd are in a much better place than they were with Beckham movong to real...they wont need to panic sell and settle for 25m...with almost 4 years left on contract...we could/should get at least 50/60m.

5th Jun 2008, 16:40
Dal208 said........
" im a huge Man Utd fan, have been all my life and seen many players with quality come and go "

Any-one else here seen Tommy Taylor, Duncan Edwards, Roger Byrne, Ernie Taylor, Dennis Violett, Bobby Charlton play? There was quality.

blue belly
5th Jun 2008, 16:53
I am tipping Switzerland to win- in my dreams! :ouch:

5th Jun 2008, 17:19
Any-one else here seen Tommy Taylor, Duncan Edwards, Roger Byrne, Ernie Taylor, Dennis Violett, Bobby Charlton play? There was quality.

point proven then...unfortunately my age restricts me to likes of Robson, Hughes, Cantona, Beckham, Van Nistelrooy, Giggs, Bruce...doesnt make me less of a fan. Point still valid.

5th Jun 2008, 17:29
Got to be the Cloggies for me if only to spite the two resident females who are shouting for the Iberian peninsular teams (latin looks and temperament, long flowing hair etc etc...).

I shall however stick with the Dutch no matter that they all rush to the bar at 5pm and buy themselves a drink. Better to be careful than to be mean.


Effluent Man
6th Jun 2008, 09:26
Holland in the final might justify a trip to Amsterdam to soak up,if that is the right expression,the atmosphere.

8th Jun 2008, 14:08
Great game by Portugal yesterday... Nice flair... and they still had Quaresma in the bench, they look like scoring when they go forward, their problem is that they don't have a true goal scoring striker... Who needs them when you have defenders scoring... :}:E

8th Jun 2008, 14:49
But is he as productive as a miner with a wheelbarrow?
What do you think? :suspect:

Beatriz Fontana
8th Jun 2008, 19:51
Listening to the Germany Poland game on Radio Five Live. I know it's a small cosy stadium, but will someone tell Graham Taylor that he doesn't need to yell into the :mad: microphone?!

9th Jun 2008, 00:44
Graham Taylor, oh my God. How did he ever get a job as a pundit? In fact, how did any pundits ever get a job as a pundit? There must be thousands of ex players and managers around who could string a sentence together without sounding like they've just come off a South Bank University course on stating the bleeding obvious like Taylor, Mark Bright, David Pleat, Alan Shearer etc etc. The exceptions, in my humble opinion, are Alan Hanson and Adrian Chiles, who just seems to take the piss and gets a mention of WBA whenever he can. Who are your favourite/least favourite pundits? Still going for Germany, did you see the way they merely soaked up the pressure from Poland then whipped up the other end and scored a second?
Guten nacht alles, schlaf sie gut

9th Jun 2008, 01:16
Wait for Steve McClaren - yes, that Steve McClaren.
A more dismal and depressing voice I have yet to hear (and that includes Jimmy Hill).
In April 2008, the BBC announced McClaren would join them as a pundit for Euro 2008, working as analyst and co-commentator for BBC Radio 5 Live, alongside Alan Green, one of his harshest critics as England manager. The decision to employ McClaren as an 'expert analyst' has met with much criticism, notably from former BBC pundit Ian Wright. McClaren's first commentary game will be Austria v Croatia on 8 June 2008,

9th Jun 2008, 01:40
G-C, good point, I'm off to live on a Swiss mountain for three weeks with views over all the grounds to escape the depression that is English football commentary. Bye for now

10th Jun 2008, 10:38
I take it all back, what I said about the cloggies. Great show last night - although Ruud 'Why the long face?' V.N was in all fairness, about two and a half miles offside for number one. No matter, a comprehensive whipping for the Italians.

France look like they won't ever find the net, the Romanians looked happy & the host nations insipid & watery.

The only real downer so far is Mclaren on Radio 5. Well, I suppose since Graham Taylor's rehabilitation as a gentleman, we need some kind of a scapegoat.:p

Chicken Leg
10th Jun 2008, 12:01
As for Ronaldo, im a huge Man Utd fan, have been all my life

Posted by DAL208................................from Bournemouth! Priceless!

10th Jun 2008, 12:03
To be fair, you wouldn't want to bother with the Cherries now would you??:eek:

10th Jun 2008, 12:14
Ruud 'Why the long face?' V.N was in all fairness, about two and a half miles offside for number one.


:= := := NOT offside:

"The player was not offside because in addition to the goalkeeper there was another Italian player in front of the goalscorer. Even though he had fallen off the pitch his position was still relevant for the purposes of the offside law."


10th Jun 2008, 12:20
Hmm, the letter rather than the spirit of the law methinks. It's no matter - the cloggies were commading, great fluid football played with width. Top stuff:ok:

10th Jun 2008, 12:34
"The player was not offside because in addition to the goalkeeper there was another Italian player in front of the goalscorer. Even though he had fallen off the pitch his position was still relevant for the purposes of the offside law."

What? Who said that? Players off the pitch do not count in any situation of play. That's why when forwards are caught too advanced as a move develops and a pass forward is imminent, they step forward over the goal line to remove themselves from active play.

10th Jun 2008, 12:40
Turns out, that a player may only leave the field with the ref's permission, so even if he slides out, he's still counted as active even if he's picking teeth out of the McDonalds hoarding.

10th Jun 2008, 12:50
Parapunter, I stand to be corrected... if someone would be good enough to steer me to where it is stated in the rules. I played the game for 20-odd years, and I've never heard of that.

10th Jun 2008, 12:56
Here (http://www.football365.com/mailbox/story/0,17033,8744_3672868,00.html) is mostly where I get this from. Offside is a moving target, fwiw I reckon this active nonsense is just that; nonsense.

10th Jun 2008, 13:09
In the days when there still WAS an offside rule in hockey, it was absolutely the case that if a forward stepped over the goal-line to avoid being offside, but might still be causing a distraction to any defender, he was deemed to be offside. This was dealt with by way of an interpretation printed alongside the offside rule in the rules book, rather than forming an explicit part of the rule itself. Maybe football does the same thing?

Offside rule disappeared some time ago now - and the game is much more open as a result. Maybe football should can it too....?

10th Jun 2008, 13:21
Thanks for that. What he says is invalid though, as far as the defence stepping behind the goal lline. The rule (as I read it long ago) used to state that offside only became an issue when the ball passed the last defender on the field of play. This seems to've been lost or amended somewhere along the way. I see forwards given offside when both of them are beyond the last defender and one passes to the other... crazy! Also absent recently is players being "played on-side" following contact of the ball by a defender.

I clicked on the picture of Horsey on the page you linked to, and indeed EUFA are saying the same. Rules and changes are fine, if they are properly disseminated, and able to be found and read! I will do some digging....

10th Jun 2008, 13:49
It sounds daft, but I really think that no one person has fully come to grips with the present offside law. You see different interpretations from game to game. I think Ruud was off, and so did he at the time!

Good luck to the Dutch. Its about time we saw them back on top form.

Re players from a time back, I never saw Duncan Edwards play but saw some of the best. The player that was the best to watch (IMHO) was by far and away George Best, the ground would always buzz when he got the ball. You just never knew what was going to happen and I'm not Man. U. Magic.

I also saw Bobby Charlton play at his peak, but the last time I saw him he came on as sub for Preston against Palace when he was player-manager there. The kids on the 'team of the eighties' took the urine out of him by showing him the ball and nipping past him.

It was very sad to see and he retired/was sacked shortly afterwards.

10th Jun 2008, 16:46
I believe the defender has to be between the attacker and the goal-line, not in the 3rd tier of the stand.

10th Jun 2008, 17:02
I would agree with that. Offside is the one rule that gets pratted about with constantly. The goal stands, RVN was onside but no one looking on, not least the player thought so.

10th Jun 2008, 17:30
It's all in rule 11 of the Offside paragraph and confirmed legal by the UEFA (they even spent a press conference on this) Panucci was still active in play although he was outside the lines. BTW the mortally wounded Panucci was one of the first protesting with the ref. :hmm:

Not a Happy Italian... (http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/139951/65811dc1/italiaanse_voetbalfan.html)

10th Jun 2008, 17:39
The funny thing is, in the FIFA Laws of the Game, in the section "additional instructions and guidelines for referees"


says that :

if a defending player steps behind his goal line to place the opponent in an offside position, the referee shall allow play to continue and caution the defender for deliberately leaving the field of play without's the referee's permission [...]

Note the use of the word deliberately
Followed by 13 graphic illustrations of offside scenarios, none involving a defender accidentally off pitch.

If a player deliberately off the pitch causes the attacker to be offside, but in a malicious way, therefore cautionable, then a defender accidentally off the pitch, causes the attacker to be offside, full stop.

According to above, and rule 11, Offside,
it would appear that the Dutch goal was, indeed, offside, as there is no evidence that the Italian defender stepped out of the pitch deliberately.

mel applied
10th Jun 2008, 21:06
They won 3-0. Take one off them; they still won.

10th Jun 2008, 21:21
According to above, and rule 11, Offside,
it would appear that the Dutch goal was, indeed, offside, as there is no evidence that the Italian defender stepped out of the pitch deliberately.The TLOG is a guideline for referees. There are numerous reasons that can cause players leave the field unintentionally and still being allowed to enter the field without the permission therefore still considered to be part of the play. The ref saw what happened and decided that Panucci was still an active part of the play, therefore not offside.

Effluent Man
11th Jun 2008, 08:58
The first game I had watched in it's entirity,and apparently the first one worth watching in the tournament.

I think to quibble with the goal is a bit picky.The Dutch deserved to win by such a wide margin and it should make Italy v France an interesting game.

13th Jun 2008, 19:01
Ah well, I guess the UEFA spokesman will now tell us that the Italy goal disallowed was actually offside, and the Romania penalty was actually a penalty :)

Icing on the cake, last minute of the game, De Rossi, sliding tackle, clean on the ball, gets booked :)

Well done !

13th Jun 2008, 23:12
Very exiting times.
Now that there's no more prima donnas in the Dutch team, things are definitely looking up. ;)


13th Jun 2008, 23:38
Hup the cloggies! Even Arjen Robben looks alive!

Effluent Man
14th Jun 2008, 10:12
Juup, If they make the final will there be any sort of public screens in Amsterdam or Den Haag?Have promised my son a trip if Holland get there.

tony draper
14th Jun 2008, 10:37
This supporting another countries team is a bit of ok,one doesn't get so emotionally involved.:rolleyes:

19th Jun 2008, 21:59
Shit! I've only got Turkey left in the sweep! Well in Germany, the 'hand' of Ballack saw you through!

19th Jun 2008, 22:23
Effluent, what a nice thing to do for your son and yourself. :ok:

Here (http://www.amsterdamtourist.nl/en/home/events/article/xp/content_artikel.Eventsalg+-+80EKBoomchicago/default.aspx) you go for 1 option.
There are many others, do a search or contact the Dutch tourist information board.
And have fun! :)

Effluent Man
20th Jun 2008, 16:50
Juud, Thanks,hope they get there! Might have been a good idea to let Romania win though.

Lon More
20th Jun 2008, 18:34
Should he move house??


20th Jun 2008, 19:22
As far as I can tell he lives in the stairwell :confused:

20th Jun 2008, 22:32
GET IN! I'm still in the sweep! What an extraordinary game of football. Turkey equalise in the 147th minute!!

21st Jun 2008, 09:30
147th? What match were YOU watching?! :E

Effluent Man
21st Jun 2008, 09:36
I chose not to watch this game,simply because I didn't have any interest in either team.Switched on about 1015 and caught the last ten minutes,entertaining!

21st Jun 2008, 09:37
Just a little exaggeration to make the point Mr Duck! I'm impervious anyway, my tenner's still in play!

Effluent Man
21st Jun 2008, 09:54
Invested twenty on Holland.Hoping the 240 will cover a couple of nights in Amsterdam.

Flap 5
22nd Jun 2008, 07:27
These games are just not going with the form book at the moment. That should mean Italy winning tonight as they came second in their group after struggling.

22nd Jun 2008, 07:41
There go your twenty quid, Effluent Man :(

My sympathies to Juud, but Holland just did not play like the champions they are supposed to be. The Russians out-muscled them - each time a Dutch player vied for the ball with a Russian, the latter won. It was only because the Dutch had superior gameplay things were even.

And the finishing, dear God! Wesley Snjeider seems to have taken classes from the Frank Lampard School of Goal Scoring!

Flap 5 - It always happens, doesn't it? Italy squeezes through the qualifying rounds and then somehow ends up in the finals or as champions! But this time their defence is a bit weak, and the Spanish are dead fast in the front. Will be close.

Old Grey
22nd Jun 2008, 08:58
So far I have a 100% record in the quarter-finals. I've backed the loser each time!

So jolly hard luck, Spain...... :}

22nd Jun 2008, 08:59
Have to agree I'm afraid. The Cloggies just didn't turn up in comparison to their masterful previous appearances.

Beatriz Fontana
22nd Jun 2008, 10:33
I really am stuck this evening - I hate it when Spain play Italy! Have to say on past form I'll have to go with the Azzuri, then grin and bear it wearing the shirt the next time I'm sailing in Spain :}

22nd Jun 2008, 17:37
And the finishing, dear God! Wesley Snjeider seems to have taken classes from the Frank Lampard School of Goal Scoring!

But what a player eh? I hadn't realized how good he was 'til these games.

Tonight... 3-2 Spain.

22nd Jun 2008, 19:48
There are certain National Anthems that have rousing tunes which raise the spirits (irrespective of the words of course) in comparison to others that sound like dirges.

Which one(s) would you willingly line-up for?

22nd Jun 2008, 21:07
0-0 after 60 minutes.

I absolutely detest the Italian style of play. Heavy in defence, lone rangers up front. And someone please give next years Oscar for best actor to Luca Toni already. I believe the pejorative of choice is 'Nancy Boy' :mad:

22nd Jun 2008, 21:18
Graham Taylor (I think) suggested that the penalty shoot-out should immediately follow full time (instead of playing extra time).
My suggestion is to have the penalty shoot-out before the main game, then the teams would know what was in store if they failed to reach 'a result' . . .
(shoot-out result only to apply after a full-time draw).

Thread drift - I don't understand why tennis-players should be allowed two attempts at achieving a serve (and that's without the silly 'let' rules if the ball hits the net cord) - though I suppose if a player could guarantee to hit the net-cord and get the ball over it could be impossible for the receiver to play . . . )

23rd Jun 2008, 00:09
I absolutely detest the Italian style of play. Heavy in defence, lone rangers up front. And someone please give next years Oscar for best actor to Luca Toni already. I believe the pejorative of choice is 'Nancy Boy'

I couldn't agree more Bombay Duck.

Any creative, skillfull, athletic qualities the Italian players have are completely annuled by their pathetic antics when nearly touched by opposition players. If FIFA were to introduce a rule whereby such behaviour was penalised with a red card, then it would stop molto rapido. The same goes for blatant jersey pulling etc....:=



p.s i'm still backing the fatherland to win (from another footy thread)

25th Jun 2008, 21:53
Again... AGAIN!

How do Germany do it? That was total robbery. Second best, but first past the post. A great showing by Turkey I thought.

I know it's all about results, but....

25th Jun 2008, 22:35
...and again

not so great showing of our Mannschaft today, but still 3 goals vs a turkish team that (clever!) used croatian tactics and almost did it again - but no, it was Lahm with the last minute save this time :)

and do I have to mention Lineker? ;) I don't think so ^^

25th Jun 2008, 22:41
Yup, the Germans had the luck to get that 3rd goal and the clock ran out for the plucky Turks to 'get another one'.

What about those outages due to the electrical storm in Vienna ? At least in the UK we had Radio 5 Live, it would seem that the rest of Europe was affected as well and i don't imagine that there was a commentary in Germany. The fans must have been going ape-sh1t in the bars. Worst still for the Turks, giving away a goal in the interim and then finding out when the transmission started up again.

So who's going to be their fellow finalist ? Place yer bets gents!



25th Jun 2008, 22:49
Mmm, you probably don't have to mention Lehmann either Herr Hawk do you??:hmm:

25th Jun 2008, 22:50
One does not follow football (wrong shaped ball, too few players, etc.), but one knew what was happening by the the cries from the neighbours. Yes, it is raining, but it is warm, so we all (well the three families where I live) have our windows open. There were no power outs here this evening,

25th Jun 2008, 22:53
the outage was in Vienna where the international TV signal was routed thru, german television made a hack directly to the swiss TV signal, but audio was 4-5 seconds late so I knew Klose would score before my eyes saw the header ^^

@Parapunter: sorry, I don't get that one, is there a quote by Lehmann you are referring to?

tony draper
25th Jun 2008, 22:55
Yup,as one has stated elsewhere,it's a cruel old game.:(

25th Jun 2008, 22:56
I think we deserved to win that one :sad:

25th Jun 2008, 23:06
Ah, I'm only sore Mr. Hawk cos Ihad Turkey in the sweep :) Lehmann was RUBBISH though:ok:

25th Jun 2008, 23:13
roger - thought I missed a joke, but you're right, he had a bad day (again ^^) and it's better we don't mention him at all :D

25th Jun 2008, 23:33
So, the Germans won and the Turkish lost. But there is another way to look at it: Lots of Germans love to vacation in Turkey, and Turkish immigrants are an important part of the German economy.

So, in a manner of speaking, this was anyway a win-win scenario from the start...?! :ok:

PS. I like Germans who like Turks and Turkey. And Turks (and more or less everyone) who respect Kurds and other minorities (wherever they are)... :ok:

Effluent Man
26th Jun 2008, 09:27
That's football. My team (Norwich City) were totally outplayed by Sheffield Utd last season and won 1-0 with a perfectly good Sheffield goal disallowed in the 90th minute.Then we went to Bristol City 1-1 until the 92nd minute and they got a free kick from a foul on our player and scored.Good game though,what I saw of it.

26th Jun 2008, 09:32
"Soccer is a game for 22 people that run around, play the ball, and one referee who makes a slew of mistakes, and in the end Germany always wins." ~Gary Lineker

26th Jun 2008, 13:12
Germany v Russia Final. World War III.:ouch:

26th Jun 2008, 14:46
Can't wait for this evening... I'm all giddy.... :)

26th Jun 2008, 22:09
Well that was a bit of an anti-climax.........

The Russkies just weren't firing on all cylinders, very lacklustre. It reminded me of the unexpected lame showing of Holland last week.

I think that the Germans will have a few headaches with the Spanish though in the final. However it should be a good game whoever wins. My money is still on ze fatherland.



26th Jun 2008, 22:24
Yes... not what I expected. Shame the Russians couldn't play as they have. They looked tired. Spain looked good, but the Germans may not allow them to. Hard to say what will happen in the final overall... so I'm not going to try!

27th Jun 2008, 00:46
Dunno about the footie, but aviating in the vicinity of Wien looks to have been mildly entertaining these past two nights!

27th Jun 2008, 09:14
Spain dominated the midfield yesterday. Arshavin and Paulochenko never got service. I saw a lot of twirling and back-passing among the Spanish yesterday. They beat them on skill for the most part, and they scored three out of five real chances. Deserved it.

Now, folks, call the finals!

27th Jun 2008, 09:16
I just hope it doesn't go to to pennos. When did you last see a German miss a penno?:{

27th Jun 2008, 12:37
Deutschland Unter Alles (http://www.tnr.com/politics/story.html?id=abf45554-07df-4988-9cb1-4ac9e4849e68) :E:E

29th Jun 2008, 22:18

Viva Espana!!:)

1-0 to Spain.

The best team won on the night ( Germany did well to get to the final) and Spain could have been 4 or 5 nil up if their good chances had gone in.



29th Jun 2008, 22:27
Well that's that for another 4 years........

The best team won on the night, the Germans were half asleep and never really attacked as we have seen during the other matches. The Spanish were relaxed, yet concentrated and they had the misfortune to not get perhaps 4 other goals.

The best player on the German side was without doubt Lehman who stopped a good few attempts and minimised the losses. I am left wondering why all of a sudden teams that WERE playing brilliantly days before can then become lacklustre and headless :confused: Many examples, but Russia, Holland, Croatia come to mind.

The Spanish deserved the victory and after 44 years it was time. Let's hope that it will give their economy a kick up the backside for a while with all that 'feelgood factor' :ok:



29th Jun 2008, 22:49
Viva Espana !

It's going to be a long noisy and boozy night I think, with many sickies being thrown manana.


Got to go...it's party time!


29th Jun 2008, 22:54
June 4thEspana for me. Their luck has just gotta change..

All hail the punter, seer of sporting events. I had Turkey in the sweep though.:rolleyes: