View Full Version : Ryanair to ditch passengers mid-flight

4th Jun 2008, 10:14

lol :}

'Chuffer' Dandridge
4th Jun 2008, 18:34
From Today's Times:

Michael O'Leary, the chief executive of Ryanair, has welcomed high oil prices, claiming that it will drive “crappy competitors” out of business.

The boss of Europe's largest airline yesterday identified a number of rivals that he expected to go bankrupt in the coming months because of rapidly rising fuel bills.

He said that Sky Europe, Flybe and Jet2, which are all smaller regional carriers, could be grounded in the coming months.

Philip Meeson, the chief executive, said: “I'm sorry Mr O'Leary - unlike you, Jet2.com has bought all its fuel for this summer, this coming winter and next summer at attractive rates. Our passengers can rely upon us for many, many years to come.”

How ironic would it be to see Ryanair go down the tubes due to the increses in fuel costs, together with the aforementioned mouthpiece Mick:ok:

4th Jun 2008, 20:02
Jet2 may survive, Ryanair will survive, They just won't make any money this year, as for the rest well I wouldn't bet on it.

What we will see is an increase in fares from the survivors.

5th Jun 2008, 09:32
Jet2 like Ryanair probably will make a profit this year albeit reduced. Jet2 have hedged the fuel, Ryanair hasn't. Jet2 are buying in aircraft which they will own outright, Ryanair are laying them off.

Jet2 has a very profitable Royal Mail contract until 2011, Ryanair..........who needs some tarmac!

The bigger they are.

DX Wombat
5th Jun 2008, 12:22
On the other hand he could start charging for such luxuries as lifejackets and parachutes. :E :E