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4th Jun 2008, 08:02
Between 2003 and 2008, 42 individuals were detected attempting to break into prisons.

"Prisoners receive a wage for being in prison, they receive a bed, a TV in all cells, Sky television in most areas for recreational use, free telephones, breakfast in bed on many occasions, cash bonuses for good behaviour," said Mr Travis. "And prison staff are forced to deal with them in such a subservient way. It's ridiculous."


4th Jun 2008, 08:49
I had an uncle who died in Borstal two years before I was born. 18 years old. It was a severe regime back then when ten years in Dartmoor could be, in effect, a death sentence. There were criminals in days of yore, but they must have been pretty determined folk.

Mind you, given that I lost three more uncles (all of them miners) in industrial accidents, conditions for honest working folk weren't too hot either.

4th Jun 2008, 10:24
Another example of a media statement of the bleedin' obvious.

1. Take away the fear of being caught
2. Take away the fear of physical punishment
3. Take away the fear of being made to do hard labour
4. Take away the fear of being locked up in a horrible place
5. Take away the need to behave inside
6. Take away half the sentence the judge gave you

and wonder why crime is thriving ?

barry lloyd
4th Jun 2008, 11:01
Having st(a)yed in B&Bs all over the UK over many years, the description of current prison accommodation, if true, shows it is vastly superior. No wonder people don't want to leave!
If I had a pound for every trickly shower, nylon sheet, dirty carpet, lousy food, etc., I've experienced, I'd be able to buy a B&B and run it properly. Those who are breaking into prisons have probably been staying in the same B&Bs as I was!

4th Jun 2008, 11:08
This now sounds corny, however, it was said;-

"Tough on crime and the causes of crime"

What went wrong?

tony draper
4th Jun 2008, 11:53
You don't need four walls to deal wi Criminals, you just need one.:E

4th Jun 2008, 11:58
This now sounds corny, however, it was said;-

"Tough on crime and the causes of crime"

What went wrong?

The same thing that went wrong with:

"Education .. education .. education"

4th Jun 2008, 13:24
Personally I think being locked in a room with a television IS an adequate deterrent.

4th Jun 2008, 13:32
Yes, but you have a brain which you like to make use of to earn a crust!

Standard Noise
4th Jun 2008, 13:35
Mr Draper, I didn't realise you needed a wall when setting up the gallows!

4th Jun 2008, 13:46
Mr Draper, I didn't realise you needed a wall when setting up the gallows!

Maybe I'm missing sarcasm/irony in that, but I believe the wall was to line the beggars up for the firing squad! :eek:

Standard Noise
4th Jun 2008, 13:57
Yep, you're right, you missed the sarcasm, big time.

If such places are so cushy, how does one obtain entry for a little holiday. Not one's nearest of course, it's in Shepton Mallet, one's not that desperate.
No one was thinking of a little sojourn on the Isle of Wight possibly at Her Majesty's Hotel Parkhurst. Does one just roll up in the Bentley and tip the door staff? If one doesn't own the Bentley does that make one's stay longer?

4th Jun 2008, 19:54
I gather that a Bentley is de rigueur for most guests at Parkhurst.

Make sure you ask for a room with a sea view.....

...and don't forget to specify your choice of drug/ciggy brand with the concierge....