View Full Version : Do not promise & ground-air continuity of service

4th Jun 2008, 06:25
While it is fair to admit that we--SLF--sometimes may go out of control, airlines should realise that the following are three key reasons why this may happen;
1) The way airlines communicate throughout the travel experience. Often there is lack of consistency (promises, information, services even) between reservation, ground, air & ground services.
2) The lack of proactive &/or efficient communications at the airport.
3) The lack of continuity of service ground/air (at origin) & air/ground (at destination).
While this is not a generic statement, a lot of airline services staff often shows superiority & sometimes arrogance.
As someone said in another post, there are always 2 sides to the story & my post is mainly intended to share the perception of a pax, who BTW has been doing business with airlines as an IT supplier for 20 years. Customer services is my hotspot in aviation. I was using IT to enable customer services oriented initiatives, thus with a business focus.