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3rd Jun 2008, 22:31
Airside workers at UK airports are already subject to stringent security checks in order to obtain identity passes to gain airside access at UK Airports. Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots, Cabin Crew etc are to be forced to carry the proposed new voluntary National ID Card, on pain of losing their jobs. The National ID Card will not be compatible with existing Airport Security systems (which vary from Airport to Airport) and will not replace the existing ID passes carried by airside workers at UK Airports. The forced introduction of what is allegedly a voluntary scheme will do nothing to prevent terrorist attacks or reduce illegal immigration.


I was hoping to do this as a poll but for whatever reason I can't.

Mods if you can help me out and keep this as a sticky I'd be grateful, this is an important issue and shouldn't be moved to Jet Blast.

1. I'm completely in favour of the introduction of the ID Cards for Airside staff

2. I object to the introduction of the ID Card for Airside workers and will sign the petition

3. I'm undecided

5th Jun 2008, 19:15
And why was this important topic moved from a prime position on Rumours and News???

5th Jun 2008, 21:02
And why was this important topic moved from a prime position on Rumours and News???

could the answer be that it is neither a Rumour nor News?

6th Jun 2008, 07:44
But the 'Frustrated (?) pilots and security screening' http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=282544 thread is neither rumour or news. But, like ID Cards, it's an issue that affects every UK pilot and needs to be debated.

Why not give it equal prominence?

Standard Noise
6th Jun 2008, 13:23
This is the third forum it's been posted in fer ****'s sake. What more do you want?!

6th Jun 2008, 15:39
There's other forums?!

6th Jun 2008, 15:42
Probably four . . .

6th Jun 2008, 22:59
I've been applying a bit my customary argument provocation on this topic in the 'Ginger Beers & Magicians' Forum. All the appropriate points have now been aired there, but a major one that came out is "why are they starting the introduction of National ID cards with airport workers?" Because we're such an easy target, that's why.

Look at the bother that chattering class BBC idiot stirred up the other week about foreigners being able to get an airside pass without going through a criminal records check. The real question was why should anyone at all need to undergo a criminal record check to get an airside pass? The BBC presenter tried to make it out to be a major hole in anti-terrorism security, but in reality, how many of the 9/11 perpetrators had a criminal record?

Wig Wag
8th Jun 2008, 08:55
What I can't figure out is why BALPA are being so ruddy wet about ID Cards. It's a no brainer that pilots will be against the scheme. So why don't BALPA organise a petition amongst the members and it send off to Gordon Brown? It would surely be a popular move and might help the cause.

9th Jun 2008, 18:19
Poll now up and running in the cabin crew forums