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27th Aug 2001, 03:33
Hi All;

Just heard that Aer Lingus are to lease out one of the companies Airbus A330-200 aircarft to Qantas for the winter. Seems strange, but given the state of te company at the moment it may be a good decision...who knows..?

27th Aug 2001, 03:52
Flame....where did you get your information from?

27th Aug 2001, 05:12
..Qantas will receive A330-200's as well as -300's during the next years, so maybe they will evaluate the type in normal operation by leasing one from Aer Lingus?

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28th Aug 2001, 00:28

Insider info from EIN...could fit into the winter plans for EIN, as they are having a root and branch review of routes due to impending losses

have you any futher info on it..?

28th Aug 2001, 02:00
I doubt it would happen and there is no news of it in QF.
The first 330 is due in Nov 2002 and the first crews will be converting early next year. I believe the plan being that they will also have line experience with one of the Asian airlines.

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31st Aug 2001, 17:49
I know the guy who helped start that rumour on a nightstop in the states.It was originally Hawaii with Air NewZealand but the QF sounded more plausible.
EI will cut back flights in winter but thats natural.Ppl at work at talking like this is the first time its ever happened.Anyway I never liked BWI flights so thats a bonus!!
As I keep telling ppl at work at least we made a profit.The company is sending doom and gloom messages out but this is not as bad as the early 90's

31st Aug 2001, 21:24
Nothing unusual about Aer Lingus leasing out aircraft during winter months - they have been doing it for 20+ years.Their winter timetable is significantly leaner than summer so leasing out makes economic sense. Over the years - B737's to various American carriers, B747's to Lan Chile, Air Jamaica and British Airways etc.

31st Aug 2001, 22:45
I agree nothing usual about AL leasing out aircraft but if they are leasing to QF it may have something to do with the fact that i believe in the long run they are looking to get a route down under to OZ and this may be the way to sweeten up the Flag carrier ????
I hear they are getting an A340 and that this going to run to Bangkok via the Polar route...and perhaps then on to OZ....but my question is WHY?????
Does the Irish market support such a long route and will they be able to compete with their rivals out of London who provide probably a more timely schedule????

31st Aug 2001, 23:35
Firstly, don't forget QF and EI are both in oneworld and indeed, EI leased a 747 to QF a few years back, a contract which was regarded as successful by both sides. More significant is the fact that both will, ultimately, operate 330s (QF's from late next year) and since both airlines' high/low seasons fit nicely, it's highly likely that aircraft will come back and forward between the two.

As for the long term, I don't see EI flying to Australia and A340s are not in the game plan, unfortunately. However, they are looking at the far east and will probably be looking to feed into a oneworld hub at some stage - HKG or SIN. Australia offers a big potential market for Irish tourism and the Asia Pacific market is untapped, although the apparently imminent Emirates route should help to open this.

Going Boeing
5th Sep 2001, 18:04
I think that the truth has been well and truly stretched in this thread. QF approached Air Lingus about line training of the first batch of QF pilots onto the A330. Unfortunately, the two airlines were unable to reach agreement so the training will be cone elsewhere. No leasing of aircraft was ever on the agenda. :confused:

6th Sep 2001, 02:37
Whatever....rumour has it A.L will be releasing pilots on secondment this winter. The new deal for pilots makes provision for same...maybe even a 330 with cabin crew I hear!!
You might want to brush up on your dutch girls and boys.

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6th Sep 2001, 07:35
Certianly seems to be a lot of visitors from the emarald isle in the emerald city these days.