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3rd Jun 2008, 08:01

Today I am embarassed to be British

3rd Jun 2008, 08:07
Could have been worse. They could have dressed her in tartan, made her listen to bagpipe music and fed her haggis.

Now that's torture:}

3rd Jun 2008, 08:39
Ah, the immigration Nazis again. They continue to pick on the wrong people so that genuine visitors are often mistreated while foreign criminals and con-artists are frequently welcomed. To the extent that extemists and terrorists who publicly flout race relations laws gain entry and once in, cannot even be deported.

Some years ago, while I was still in the service of Her Majesty, MIL was to pay us a visit; I did't mind, she's a lovely old lady and her cooking is exquisite; She's a Commonwealth Citizen so she can turn up for a six-month visa upon entry, but we planned for her to stay for more than six months so she applied for a visa in advance. Mrs B and I were "invited" to the Government Buildings at Harmondsworth.

We were astonished upon arrival to find a barbed wire enclosure, reminiscent of StalagLuft III, filled with sad faced foreigners gazing out at us through the wire. Seperated from each other, Mrs B and I were subjected to interrogation - one could hardly describe it as an interview - to determine if we were trying to bring MIL into the country on false pretences. (My own interrogator spoke with a strong North American accent and when I questioned his origin it turned out he was a Canadian claiming dual citizenship.)

The Immigration people decided we intended for MIL to remain in UK indefinitely and refused her visa. As a Commonwealth Citizen she was and still is entitled to turn up at Heathrow and enter the country for a six month stay, but what might have happened to her had she done so?

Union Jack
3rd Jun 2008, 08:54
Today I am embarassed to be British .......

TOT - Perhaps you were so badly affected that you neglected to read through the e-mails at the end of the article. They put a rather different complexion on the whole, admittedly very sad, issue.

Jack (aka Jock)

3rd Jun 2008, 09:05
Arriving at Heathrow 21 years ago, at the beginning of my OE, I walked through the same line as my mate, more or less to keep him company, can't remember whether it said "Commonwealth" or "Other" or something else, at any rate it wasn't the "British" or "UK" line, or whatever that was called back then. Didn't think there'd be any hassle, he had a visa, 'twas all pre-organised.

However, he got dragged aside and given the third degree. Took him about three hours to get through.

To this day, the look of helplessly incandescent rage, on the face of the turbanned gentleman who appeared ready to apply the same treatment to oneself, until - and when - one handed him one's British passport as an addition to the New Zealand passport I had already given him, remains with me.

NZ passport had nothing in it other than a Singapore transit stamp.
Mate's NZ passport had full UK entry visa.
One's British Passport was stamped "British Citizen". (Thanks Dad.)

Ooh, but there is hypocrisy and racism everywhere, isn't there?

I say, to that turbanned chappie, haha bollicks to you, matey. :p

One is happy enough to be an on-demand Pomgolian. ;)

barry lloyd
3rd Jun 2008, 10:26
TOT - Perhaps you were so badly affected that you neglected to read through the e-mails at the end of the article. They put a rather different complexion on the whole, admittedly very sad, issue.

Yep - and the Google search is interesting too. Looks like the Scotsman wanted to put a slant on this, or just couldn't be bothered to check out the facts - nothing new there then!

Neptunus Rex
3rd Jun 2008, 11:23
Some years ago, a little old lady from New Zealand was on a trip to England and landed in London. Not being au fait with the latest changes in EU status, she went to the British queue. The Immigration Officer pointed out that as she was a New Zealander, and not holding a European passport, she should be in the 'Aliens' queue.

The little old lady then asked who could come in through the 'British' queue, to be told that British and EU passport holders were entitled. She then asked:
"Does that include Germans?"
"Yes madam," was the reply.
"I shall have you know, young man, that my husband and two of our sons spent five years trying to stop those people coming into your country!"
"Pass this way, Madam."


3rd Jun 2008, 12:28
It's always been my opinion that the majority of those people responsible in the conception of all the deviously fiendish immigration rules and those who implement them on the ground level must have had to go through a special pre-engagement test. A sample multiple-choice question:

On your way to work one morning, you hear what sounds like a kitten meowing from inside a dustbin at the edge of the road. Would you:

a) Stop, look into the dustbin and risk being several hours late by the time you've sorted it all out?

b) Note the number and street of the property where the bin is, continue into work and then try calling the council from the office. They put you through to someone who informs you that it's not a bin collection day for that address and having no more time to spare, you reflect that someone else will hear it anyway...?

c) Return home, fetch your own ageing pussycat who has taken to shitting and urinating all over the place and dump her into the dustbin too?

d) Stop, reach into the dustbin, grab the kitten and then wring its neck exclaiming "If noone wants you, I certainly don't and I'm sick to death of all the meowing"...?

Obviously, scoring is based on points being awarded and increasing in line with the alphabetical order of responses. And the higher your score, the more likely you'll be invited for a 2nd interview...

You get to hear about a few of the truly outstanding cases in the press occasionally. But as both BlueWolf and Blacksheep have pointed out, they're just the tip of an extremely maliciously-jagged iceberg, where government implements policies and laws without much regard to the individual. There are few Titanics in the icy-wastes of the immigration process these days. But a multitude of kayakists whose stories go untold...?! :sad:

3rd Jun 2008, 13:08
From the story: Given the drip-feed of stories like this one that have come out of Dungavel for the past six or seven years, it is clear we need to find a different and more humane way of dealing with people like Ms Bonhomme."

Yep, stick them back on the ferry/plane/bus they just got off and send them back immediately. That way we can close the barbed wire centres asap.


Standard Noise
3rd Jun 2008, 13:20
The real 'shame' in this story is the gullibility of the do gooders.
Maisie of Morningside
Indeed Maisie, indeed.

Stick them back on the ferry......they just got off and send them back immediately

Christ on a bike Ozzy, she came over on a ferry from Belfast and you want to send her back there. You sadistic b4stard!:}